Compact Tiny House On Wheels Sits on a Perfect Spot

In this episode, we will see the Compact Tiny House On Wheels Sits on a Perfect Spot

The Exterior

This tiny house on wheels is pretty small and built with wood this tiny house is about 2.5 tons it’s 3.7 and also the length is 4.8 plus the drawbar it very maximizes the ability to take this on the road it’s a super compact tiny house.

There is a pull-out deck on the front side with three bar stools which you can sit here and connect from the inside to outside and enjoy your morning coffee overlooking the property.

The Living Room of the Tiny House

From the outside, this is such a compact tiny house but on the inside, there is a lot of space here it’s quite open and bright and airy as well.

There is a big open window right below the couch area that brings a lot of sunlight this couch is pretty unique and comfortable and you got tons of storage underneath and you can fold it out to be a bed as well.

The Kitchen

This is your kitchenette area you got a countertop space next to the wall it’s very huge there is a sink right here and a stovetop right behind and you got a ton of cabinets and drawers underneath.

This window is pretty unique so you can open it and connect to the outside as well and overlooks your property right above this you got some storage to store anything as well.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

The first section in this bathroom is your toilet it’s a composting toilet you can slide out and slide them back in when you’re not using it but the best thing about is that the space over the top of the toilet is used for storage.

In this section is your shower space, it’s a full-size shower it’s quite high and the tiling is very beautiful and you got a little window in here as well.Tiny house

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