Check Out The Log Cabin Rustic And Romfy Beautiful Interior

Welcome to Log Cabin the Pine Rose Cottage is the smallest of the studio cottages that may be rented by vacationers at the Pinerose Log Cabins in California. These log cabins are situated near Twin Peaks in the state of California.


You won’t want to miss out on the chance to have a look inside this charming property if you ever get the chance, so if you do get the chance, don’t allow the opportunity to slip away from you.

The lodge’s interior is furnished in the style of a mountain lodge, with flowers, deep red tones, and decorations that give the impression that they were made from natural materials. This lends an authentic country feel to the resort.

The bedroom

If this room were to be used for its intended purpose, the additional space created by the dormer windows that are situated above the beds on the second level would be sufficient for comfortably fitting a bureau, chest of drawers, or even just a chair into the space.

If this room were to be used for any other purpose, it would not be large enough to accommodate any of these pieces of furniture.

log cabin

This specific bedroom contains a built-in window seat that can be located just beneath the dormer, in addition to the big closet that is available in the room, which is also included in each of the other bedrooms in the house.

The closets in each of the house’s other bedrooms are similarly of a comparable size to those in the master bedroom’s closet.

log cabin

As a direct result of the addition of an apartment to the second floor of the building, there is a very good chance that the whole market worth of the property will go up.

There is sufficient space in this area for the larger bed to be installed, in addition to the space that is required for your dresser, chairs, and other goods that are stored.

The Outside of the Log Cabin

The installation of a covering that rests on top of the outdoor deck has resulted in the deck being afforded a degree of protection against the elements, such as precipitation and snowfall, which can fall on it.

Propane is provided just for use with the gas grill that is located next to the dining table which is large enough to seat four people.

log cabin

Visitors to the log cabin will have the opportunity to appreciate the splendor of the natural environment that surrounds it as a result of the fact that the log cabin features both a fireplace that burns wood and a seating area within it.

You’ll find a fire pit on the grounds when you come to the foot of the stairs that walk down from the terrace. While you and your pals make new memories with one another here, you can toast marshmallows over the fire.

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