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The Goose Island Log Cabin can accommodate eight visitors in a manner that is unhurried and comfortable because it has one bedroom that is equipped with three beds and one bathroom.

The rustic log cabin was constructed in 1907, and it can be seen on a stretch of the Rock River that appears to have been lifted directly from a painting.


The overall extent of the state forest around the log cabin is about 2,300 acres, and it wraps around all sides of the building.

The Goose Island home gets its name from the uninhabited island that is located just in front of the home. It is a secluded log cabin in the woods that offers serenity and privacy.


The Front Porch

The gorgeous covered porch is without a question one of our very top picks among the features of this wonderful home, and it is without a doubt one of our very top favorites among the features.


Your favorite rocking chairs or even a charming porch swing might easily find a home to call their own in one of the many empty locations that are now accessible in this region. There are a lot of new empty spaces available.

The Dining Area

A dining area that is ideal for more formal get-togethers can be found in the hallway that runs between the living room and the stairs leading up to the loft. This corridor connects the living room and the loft.

log cabin


In addition to the fact that it gives off an image of warmth and coziness and appears to be an organic extension of the rest of the log cabin, this area lends itself remarkably well to the planning of dinner events for loved ones and acquaintances.

In addition, the chandelier that is made out of antlers is so beautiful that it makes it impossible not to fall in love with it.

The First Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The fact that they have placed this built-in storage behind the bed in addition to a simple set of stairs leading up to the bunk that is located on top is one of our favorite elements of the bedroom that is located on the main level and that is located off of the living area.

log cabin


This is one of the reasons why the bedroom is positioned off of the living area. Because of the great amount of storage space that they can supply for you, even though the room itself is on the smaller side, you won’t get the impression that you are being confined in any way.

The Second Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedroom, which is located on the second level, is best described as being straightforward and functional.

It has been reported that they have planned the layout of this room in such a way that the dormer windows may be utilized to store a desk.

log cabin


Additionally, the bed has been set against a wall that is close to a window to make the most of the available natural light.

In addition to that, the ceiling fan that is in this room is one of our very favorites out of all of the ceiling fans that are placed throughout the entire log cabin, and it is the ceiling fan that is located in this particular room.

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