Charming Train caboose Inspired Tiny House

Charming train caboose inspired tiny house
Charming Train caboose Inspired Tiny House

In this episode, we will see The Charming Train caboose Inspired Tiny House

This tiny house just looks pretty unique it’s an all-yellow design the door on the front side, is very cool with the windows surrounding it are very beautiful and let a lot of sunlight into this tiny house which makes this tiny house feel bright and cozy this tiny house is located in Portland, it’s about 16′ (5m).

The interior of a tiny house is pretty beautiful the wall is an all-yellow design like the outside, and the ceiling is not very tall but it looks cool there is a couch right next to the wall with these comfortable pillows so you can pull it out as well to be a bed you can sleep here or get some rest.

There is a countertop space on the right part of this tiny house the design is pretty cool there are some cabinets underneath to store some kitchen utensils and right on this countertop, there are coffee supplies a little sink, and some dishes.

This is a tiny house but you got a bathroom in here as well it’s a tiny bathroom but still has everything you need there is a little sink right here with a little window right behind and a toilet it’s a cool feature and there is a full-size shower space in front of this part as well.

This loft bedroom space is so cozy it’s very big there is a king-size mattress right here on the middle side, with nightstands and nightlights on each side, and these windows make this loft feel bright and cozy.

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