Charming Tiny House On Wheels With Huge Green House

In this episode, we will see The Charming Tiny House On Wheels With a Huge Green House

This tiny house is located in Cowichan, British Columbia, and lives in a minimalist lifestyle parking up next to a huge greenhouse where they use permaculture principles to grow their food and even a little farm.

The Exterior

The tiny house is on an aluminum trailer it’s 8 and a half by 30 feet it’s a mix of pine wood and corrugated metal and also metal roofing with a gable roof and added two skylight windows as well on the roof.

The Outdoor Deck

This is a tiny house but you still have an outdoor deck as well which has a big addition to add on for storage for keeping shoes and things in the wintertime and comfortable seating right behind this so you can sit here and enjoy your property.

Inside The Tiny House

The interior design is very cool the ceiling is quite tall the windows with these curtains are pretty beautiful there is a lot of storage in here and some plants and the string lights are perfect.

On this section is your living space it’s quite tiny but it’s very comfortable.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is very spacious there is a huge countertop on the right side, there is a little sink right here and tons of cabinets and storage and a microwave, and your coffee supplies right underneath right across from this is your full-size fridge and washer, and dryer combo.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty beautiful there is a vanity on the right side, some storage, and then your toilet and your full-size shower.

The Kid Room

This is a tiny house but still has three bedrooms it’s very incredible to build this so this is a kid’s room there is a little size mattress right here with some pillows it’s very comfortable there are some floating shelves on the other side for your kid’s store anything.

The First Loft

This is the first loft bedroom this space is not too big but still a comfortable space there is a queen-size mattress right here and then the windows right behind it’s brought too much sunlight in.

The Main Loft Bedroom

This is your main loft bedroom space it’s pretty spacious there is a king-size mattress right here in the middle side, and your skylight windows right above it bring a lot of sunlight in and you can stargaze at night as well. Tiny house

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