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Charming Tiny House On Wheels Sits on Nature

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In this episode, we will see The Charming Tiny House On Wheels Sits on Nature.

This charming tiny house on wheels is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, that is Situated on a stunning property on the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada, one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house on wheels is made from cedar siding and added the corrugated metal for that industrial look the natural wood stain corrugated metal the host just wanted to keep it simple.

The solar panels on the roof are very good and the good size water tank on the back side is great there is your garden on the other side and your dining area.

The Living Room

This living room is pretty cool looking it just feels comfortable when you come in there is a super comfy couch right next to the wall that faces the huge TV so you can watch some movies here.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is pretty bright the cabinets are all white design it just looks cool there is a double little sink right here on this countertop space and you microwave right behind that so you can cook here it’s very easy.
There are some floating shelves and a coffee maker and your stovetop right behind that and then your dishwasher right underneath with this storage to store your kitchen utensils.

The Bathroom

When you come to this bathroom you’ll see the washer and dryer combo it’s super cool to have this on the entrance it’s the best way to cut the space there is a bathtub on the right side and a vanity on the left and then your toilet right in the middle side.

The First Loft

This is your first loft space you got a king-size mattress on the middle side, with these windows so it brings too much sunlight into this tiny house and you got a skylight window as well right above this mattress.

The Second Loft

This is the main loft bedroom space of this tiny house it’s quite spacious so you got a king-size mattress right here in this middle side, it’s similar to the first one. Tiny house

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