Charming Tiny House On Wheels in North America

In this episode, we will see a Charming Tiny House On Wheels in North America

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This super tiny house on wheels is located in North Carolina, United States, and the exterior of this home is standing seam metal together with TruCedar.

The windows here from PlyGem are double-glazed vinyl windows and it’s also made from the tempered glass just to give it that little bit of extra strength when this house is traveling on the road.

Inside the Tiny House

This whole space was designed to keep it open, light, airy, and spacious, the whole house is only 16 x 8ft or roughly 5×2.5 meters the ceiling is very tall it making this house feels more comfortable and cozy.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This is your desk area it has a spacious countertop space and a window right above which you can do some work in here and enjoy your meal as well.

Right opposite the desk area is the main countertop space there is a huge window and then your huge sink right below that and then tons of cabinets underneath with an oven.

The Sleeping Area

This is your sleep area it’s a very important part of this house because it’s not only where we sleep it’s also where we relax and just hang out.

There is no lounge in this house so this bed area becomes everything in that respect also in this space size you still need some storage so it’s pretty much maxed out all of the space under this bed for a tremendous amount of storage.

The Bathroom

The last part of this tiny house is your bathroom space, you got your shower space on the right side with a super beautiful showerhead, and on the other side, is your composting toilet and your sink.Tiny house

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