Charming Scandinavian Design Tiny House

In this episode, we will see the Charming Tiny House With Scandinavian Design Style

This tiny house is a spectacular blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design this tiny house is located in Queensland, Australia.

The Exterior

This tiny home was inspired by the Zen Tiny House it’s about three meters wide and it’s seven and a half meters long and it’s 4.6 meters high (10x25x15ft).

The exterior of this tiny house is very interesting there are a lot of windows it’s a glass window and a huge glass door in front it’s a Japanese and Scandinavian design.

The Living Room

The inside of this tiny house is very cozy it just makes the home feel so welcoming on the right side is your living room space there is an L-shaped couch in the corner underneath this huge window and you got a beautiful artwork on the wall as well it’s very cool.

The Kitchen

This kitchen space is very spacious and beautiful the countertop is so long that you got a black and deep sink right here and a coffee marker right behind and a huge window in the middle side so it’s bringing tons of sunlight into this house it just feels bright and cozy.

This countertop is used for a dining table as well and you got two bar stools to enjoy your meal or you can do some work here, on the other side, is another countertop space you got a stovetop here and some cabinets underneath and a full-size fridge right behind.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very modern and luxurious it’s bright and airy as well you got a huge sink right here and then this huge window so you can open it and take some fresh air, on the other side, is your toilet your vanity and some floating shelves right above.

The Loft

This loft design is very beautiful it feels incredibly spacious up here you got a king-size mattress on the middle side, nightstands on each side, and your little window, and the best part is this skylight window it’s very nice to have.

The Second Loft

This is the kid’s loft it’s not too big but it’s a perfect size for kids the comfy mattress on the right side, some floating shelves right behind to store anything, and a low window on the bedhead.
Tiny house

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