Charming Scandi A-frame Cabin with the Unique Hot Tub.

In this episode, we will see a Charming Scandi A-frame Cabin with the Unique Hot Tub.

This charming Scandi A-frame cabin is located in Asheville, North Carolina, United States it’s 400 square feet of living space, and it’s just 7 miles from downtown Asheville.

The Exterior of the A-frame Cabin

This is a private A-frame cabin surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery it’s a black design with an entire wall of windows that makes up the front.Charming scandi a frame cabin with the unique hot tub

There is a unique hot tub on the right-hand side and right behind that is a fire pit area with three comfy chairs.

The Interior of the A-frame Cabin

The first thing about this A-frame cabin is the living space there is plenty of space, on the right side is a comfy couch and a coffee table, with a white chair.

A frame cabin
A frame cabin

On this side, is your entertainment space there is a smart TV and a little circular dining table, and right next to that is a retro-looking red gas fireplace.A frame cabin

The kitchen Space

The kitchen of this A-frame cabin is not too big but still has everything you need there is a countertop space and a few other unique items.

This area is a nice stainless steel fridge and freezer unit, and right behind this is your other countertop space with some cabinets.

The Bathroom of the A-frame Cabin

This is a beautiful and bright bathroom there is a vanity space in the corner with a huge mirror above that and on the other side is your shower it is very beautiful with the subway tiles and a clean toilet right behind that.

The Loft

This is your loft bedroom space you can see the perfect A-frame angle at the moment and you have a large king-size bed in the middle with a huge window and some other lighting fixtures on either side it is a perfect spot for you.

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