Charming DIY Tiny Home With Fantastic Kid-Safe loft

In this episode, we will see the Charming DIY Tiny Home With a Fantastic Kid-Safe loft

This tiny house is very amazing throughout this build there are many examples of ultra-clever design ideas, including a huge loft net to access the children’s bedroom and the ability to create a fully secured kid-safe loft

The Exterior

This tiny house is about eight meters trailer that extended the front dome another meter onto that which goes under the tow bar 2.7 wide and 4.2 tall.

Inside The Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is pretty unique there is a net on the middle side, and it’s like a ceiling as well that is used as a safety measure for the little kids.

The Living Room

This is your living room space it’s pretty unique and beautiful the lounge space is on the end side, and with these huge windows surrounded and some pillows here it’s a super comfortable area where you can relax and enjoy your morning coffee and overlook the outside.

The Kitchen

This is a rustic kitchen the countertop is pretty large you got a little sink here and a huge window right in front of that, this window brings too much sunlight into this tiny house is very important it makes this tiny house feel bright and airy.

There are tons of cabinets underneath, a stovetop with a full-size fridge on the other side, and then your dining area and your fireplace.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty beautiful and unique the design is very incredible there is a vanity space on the right side, with a beautiful sink and a mirror right here.

There is a full-size shower space on the corner side, and then you toilet your storage and your washer and dryer combo.

The Loft

Welcome to the loft area this space is pretty safety there is a king-size mattress right here and a low window right behind so it’s bringing tons of light into that is feeling bright and right behind that is your closet and then your net area.

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