Charming DIY Cottage-Style Tiny House

In this episode, we will see a Charming DIY Cottage-Style Tiny House

This stunning tiny house is packed full of amazing, it’s a true dream house like living in nature this tiny house is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Exterior

The exterior of this tiny cottage is so amazing and unique design the front deck is a super comfortable area to spend some time here and enjoy nature on this property.

The green-roof feature is gorgeous the reclaimed timers below are perfect for the couch and the hammock is the perfect space for you as well to spend your time outside.

Inside The Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is pretty perfect the design is gorgeous it’s quite high and bright and the best part is the green wall it’s very amazing to make these plants to the wall.

The Living Room

This living room is a very comfortable area there is a super comfy couch with some pillows and a low window and the floor with this little table makes this living room feel very cozy you can overlook the outside as well because this living room is facing the glass door.

The Kitchen Space

The first thing about this kitchen space is your dining area you got two chairs here to enjoy your meal and you can do some work here as well.

This countertop space is pretty beautiful it’s built with wood the sink is right in the middle and your gas burner stovetop and tons of cabinets and storage underneath you can store lots of your kitchen utensils.

There are lots of windows here and long floating shelves right above with tons of things here and then your full-size fridge and microwave.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty unique there is a vanity space on the right side with a huge mirror and double sink right above and a huge window right behind it as well.

This is your toilet it’s very unique you can pull it in and out as well it’s a very nice way to cut the space and then your full-size shower with beautiful tiling.

The Kid Bedroom

This bedroom is very beautiful the queen-size bed is right next to the window and the vanity space is right behind with a chair it’s the best room design for the kid.

The Main Bedroom

This bedroom just looks very comfortable with the queen-size mattress right in the middle with a little nightstand on the right side and the floating shelf right above to store your books.

There is a low window right behind, it brings tons of light here and then you got a closet as well and the end of this room.

Tiny house

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