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Charming A-Frame Cabin with Roll-Out Bedroom

In this episode, we’re touring a Gorgeous A-Frame Cabin with Roll-Out Bedroom!

The A-Frame at Evergreen Cabins.

This A-frame is located in Remsen New York on the outskirts of the Adirondack mountains it’s such a beautiful area and this A-frame cabin can sleep up to four guests there are two levels to this A-frame and an abundance of windows to get some great views.

Once you get here you’ll walk around to the back of this A-frame which is actually where you’ll walk in this cabin fits in with the surroundings perfectly because of the rustic design and the giant tree trunk pillars that hold up to the top patio, a grill and an outdoor shoer for the summer months and even more around it is a picnic table and a fire pit on the other side.

We walk around to the front of this A-frame there’s another deck that can provide a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The front design is beautiful with all these vast windows and lights that string across this edge.

Modern rustic kitchen

When you walk in you’re under the loft space and you’ll see a beautiful rustic kitchen spans across the entire left side starting with the refrigerator and ending with the oven in range and between there’s plenty of cabinet space, the coffee supplies, and of course the sink and the backsplash go all the way across as well and its stone rock fits very well with an overall rustic interior.

A beautiful kitchen with the rustic design.

Ultra-modern rustic bathroom

On the other side, there are two doors the first door is a storage room, and the second door
is a bathroom with a rustic design. This bathroom has a toilet in the middle, there is a vanity a rustic mirror and. on the right side is a tiled walk-in shower with the cozy stone all up against this wall you even have a seat in here as well.

Two beautiful rustic doors.
The toilet is in the middle.
Full-size shower with the cozy stone.

The Living room

Continue along we reach the open area of this A-frame this is the dining and living space the left side is the dining space which s in this bump out the windows here go all the way up to the ceiling and having this bump out, there is a bench seat across the wall and the huge wooden table right in the middle, and the antler chandelier above this ties it all in with this cozy rustic design the living room has a comfy couch that also pulls out into a bed a huge coffee table and additional decor to fill in the space in front of these windows two sliding doors lead out into the deck and on the other side is a TV and a fireplace.

A comfy couch and a coffee table.
Modern rustic fireplace.

The beautiful rustic loft

The spiral stair leads you to the loft space. Here is the main bed and there’s even a smaller loft above it for an additional sleep area for the smaller kid it looks like there are some mats out here you can roll out and you can all sleep up here in this loft. The main bed underneath this slides out and you’re able to sleep under the stars just a push of a button automatically slides out and you can spend your time in the fresh air and cool night.

The main bedroom.
Smaller loft above of the main bedroom.
©Photo courtesy of Exploring Levi Kelly

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