Charming 460sqft Tiny House with Epic Interior Design

In this episode, we will see The Charming 460sqft Tiny House with Epic Interior Design

This charming 460sqft tiny cabin with epic interior design is located in Tasmania, Australia it’s just a 40minutes drive from Hobart surrounded by the sea and nature.

The Exterior

This house is built with a timer frame and bracing it’s inspired by a war aircraft which means it’s very strong but very light.

The exterior of the house is wrapped in Tasmanian Oak and then there is the big floor-to-ceiling glass at the front.

Inside the Tiny House

The first section of the tiny house is your living space it’s pretty spacious and cozy there is a huge window to bring a ton of light into the house.

There is a fireplace it’s a unique and modern fireplace and then your couch right behind that it’s super comfortable.
On the left side, of this tiny house, there is a great little storage space with a reading nook and there are a lot of cabinets below and behind it, you got a lot of things here.

The Bedroom Space

This is a modern and cozy bedroom space there is a lovely black timber and a darker timber around it elevated and two cute little windows even a king-size bed below the electronic skylight window.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

The kitchen is small but it has everything you need it’s got the induction cooktops the full-size oven and then the fridge and a lot of storage below and above and just enough bench space to do what you need. On this side, is your dining table where you can do some work here and have your meal with your family.Tiny house

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This bathroom is very spacious in this section is your vanity space with a sink and then forest style shower and a small window that you can look out to the ocean. We hope you enjoyed the article.


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