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CAVE HOUSE w/ Luxury Interior & Stone Hot Tub

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In the episode, we will see CAVE HOUSE w/ Luxury Interior & Stone Hot Tub located in the Canada.

This Cave house place that’s technically a cave is the area of the hot tub once was started building the site the living room and dining room were between rocks it wasn’t under rocks when you try to build something like a cave you’re working with all the natural material that’s already there, the cave was built by over the last several years as a hobby and kind of let the rocks and the dirt tell me where to go.

This place is a very cool hot tub and so that became the first project for this overall cave environment here, so we have a great deep soaking tub that is heated electrically the structure of the tub is a concrete floor and then concrete blocks surround and then it’s topped with real rock we did also include a waterfall element, so if you want to have the noise of a little waterfall you can do that our original idea of having a fireplace.

This is the first interior part that people will see when they show up as guests there was a lot of rock a lot of dirt a couple of trees that had to come out and we were able to come in with my excavator, but we can still where we had to drill a lot the rock we didn’t cover up any rock that we didn’t have to cover up so wherever you see a green painted wall than what behind that be concrete block is that is reborrowed and filled with a mortar and then waterproofed.

The sitting area is a kind of cave because of the low ceiling for the loft above and then we built a table to work kind of as a separator between the living and kitchen area with our adding walls we didn’t want to add any walls if we didn’t have to and based on the experience with a guest over the year.

the kitchen

The way we set the kitchen up was a big refrigerator so you have all your appropriate beverages chilled we have a microwave so you can do popcorn or something quick and a coffee maker so what you really need more than that if you want to cook we encourage our guest to go out of the fireplace there ad do their hot dog, the kitchen we use the same method of two by sixes grouted and we went ahead and added in a planter because three was just so much space.

the bathroom of the Cave house

The bathroom the shower actually has a heated floor it’s the only part of the whole cave where we took the effort the heat floors and then just standard stuff you know sink and toilet so we’ve been pretty much through the whole downstairs.

the loft of this Cave house

The lofts of with two queen size beds and lots of rock to play on so not everybody’s going to be comfortable with just an open loft sleeping environment we also private master bedroom if you will with a queen size bed.

Cave house

This room that we went this way to had to be built with concrete block and so it gave me an opportunity to put into some windows.

Cave house

This place we had a last little leftover spot when we did our loft cause again it wasn’t really planned it just turned out that we put in a bed for a kid so during the construction once we decided that we were a two-story building instead of a one story.

Cave house

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