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Stunning 6 Unit Shipping Container Home

Hello, everyone! In this episode, we will see a stunning shipping container home. We continued to discover for you. Our Container Homes on today's tour are from Millersburg, Ohio, United States. Shipping...

Stunning Triple Shipping Container House

This stunning triple shipping container house has 3-stories, the bottom floor is mostly storage, the middle floor has all of the living space, and the top floor has another outdoor deck. The...

Modern Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular as an affordable and efficient way to build a home. They are easy to assemble, require little maintenance, and are a renewable resource. Shipping container...

Stunning 700 sq ft Off-Grid Tiny A-Frame House

The history of the A-frame house begins in the late 16th century with the introduction of the A-frame construction technique in Europe. This new style of construction used a framework of timber...

Beautiful A-Frame House in the midst of woods

This beautiful A-frame house has a gorgeous exterior that is a sight for sore eyes. I would describe this cabin as having an ultra-modern exterior with a more rustic interior that has...
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