Casa Blanca on the Tennessee River Gorge

In this episode,  we will see a Casa Blanca on the Tennessee River Gorge located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.

The Exterior

This place is stunning with its views of the mountains in front of the huge river’s just incredible and really close to sucking creek.

This house is very stunning and slim and you look at the side it’s pretty long and very unique looking it’s white with the board and batten design wood paneling.

And black window all of that looks really good modern got the American flag in the front of the pathway of these naturally cut stones and it looks really cool as the deck space.

The Living Room

There’s also a coffee table, a  TV and even a small desk in this little corner uh to work or right whatever you want to do watch TV and watch some movies with you friend and your family.

The Kitchen of Casa Blanca

This kitchen has three sections to it, it’s pretty unique this middle section right here is your island.

There are five bar stool seats right here the microwave and countertop are so beautiful so look to the left you can see the sink with the window you can see the view.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty standing, so you have a vanity and a tub shower combo to enjoy your shower.

The Bedroom

This is the smallest of the bedrooms and has nice access to a small patio space out here if you walk out this door this is a tiny patio space.

The Second Floor of Casa Blanca

There’s a bigger and it’s pretty cool dining table some lounging chairs out here even an outdoor TV so a lot of activity can be happening out here a lot of fun.

Casa blanca

And this is also where you can get some good views of the river and mountains as well since it’s all open so this is really fun.

The Children Bedroom

In this room, we will see bunk beds and a dresser and there’s an event closet to store your stuff.

The Main Bedroom

In the middle and there are windows on both of these walls for great natural lighting and great views it is just a big bedroom.

Casa blanca

The Bathroom of Casa Blanca

This bathroom is beautiful and pretty large the glass goes halfway really nice right next to that is your vanity here and the best part is the bathtub.

Casa blanca

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