Camping in an RV with the Rustic Cabin Group

In the Champin cabin, We got the much-needed peace and quiet from the serene surroundings, and the vast space allowed our group to stretch out comfortably while taking advantage of the quaint fire pit in the evenings.



Our visit was elevated to a higher level of excellence by the clean and comfortable rooms, which were stocked with entertainment options both indoors and out.

We had a great time sitting around the fire, playing games, and participating in various water activities at the lake that was close.

This property is a jewel if you’re looking for a retreat that’s wonderful for large groups, has plenty of space, is warm and inviting, has a fantastic fire pit, and offers a wide variety of ways to pass the time.

We were able to leave feeling rejuvenated and look forward to coming back soon. A great thank you goes out to our host for providing us with such an amazing opportunity!

This little vacation was everything that was described, and then some. The attention to detail and the quality of the craftsmanship across the entire property are exactly as depicted in the photos, and all of the requirements of the visitors have been thoroughly considered.

The proprietor was a tremendous assistance in getting things arranged, labeled, and made available to customers.

The property is ideal for nature enthusiasts since it is quite quiet, it is located close to the lake, and there are many birds and deer.

This is the epitome of glamorous camping. We were in possession of everything that was necessary; all that was lacking was a bit less water. However, after each night’s rain, the children enjoyed watching as the “swamp” continued to expand.

On the land, there is a considerable quantity of space, and the level of seclusion is excellent! Both the cabin and the camper are adorable, and they are very clean and comfortable.

The new house with its own hot tub



Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and settle down in this brand new lakefront cabin. Take some time to relax in the comfort of your own private hot tub.

The Village at Pigeon Lake is home to a number of walking routes, as well as multiple golf courses, restaurants, a grocery store, and a liquor shop. For even more space, there is a second cabin just next door that may be reserved at the same time as the first.

Because there are multiple living spaces, you won’t have the impression that you’re squeezing in on each other. It seems to be of high quality construction, and both the design and the finish are elegant while yet being functional.

The Cabin is stunningly lovely and cozy, as well as immaculate and aesthetically satisfying. My spouse inquired as to whether or not we were the very first visitors.

The hot tub was great, there was a spacious balcony for lounging, and the view of the lake was breathtaking.

The cabin is stunning, and it has been recently renovated. Even though the lake is still frozen over, the view from the main floor and the second level is stunning thanks to the location directly on the water. It must be very breathtaking in the summertime.

The living space on the main level was comfortably furnished with a couch, chairs, and a television. Netflix and consistent internet access were both wonderful.

It was a joy to be able to soak in the hot tub on the front porch while looking out over the lake. Incredible starscapes may be seen in the night sky. It worked out beautifully.

The Cabin Guest House, which features a stunning wood interior



This private guesthouse with a timber frame is only a few steps away from Seymour Lake, and it’s only a ten-minute drive from the center of Smithers.

It is located on a sizable acreage that is heavily wooded and features exquisite wooden furnishings, a king-sized bed, and a kitchen that is completely furnished.

This Cabin, which is a guesthouse and is 600 square feet in size, is the ideal spot for couples and small groups to relax.

The guesthouse is located in the middle of a huge, wooded property that features a number of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing trails.

You will have access to a small electric sauna, a canoe, and two hard shell paddleboards at the main house, which is located on the little gravel beach that is located on Seymour Lake and is shared by the main house and the guesthouse.

A very unique and important location. Discreet, discrete, and intriguing in terms of its architectural design. Hosts who go above and beyond in terms of friendliness and assistance.

During our five-night vacation, we had planned to participate in a variety of activities available in the surrounding region; however, we ended up spending the majority of our time relaxing on the deck and down by the lake instead.

This is a lovely spot for getting away from it all and recharging your batteries. We spent the whole weekend kayaking on the beautiful lake, and we also particularly liked the sauna. The view that can be had from the cottage is really calming.

This is the second time that we have stayed at this stunning house! Beautiful, tranquil location, and the accommodations are just as endearing and satisfying. Having access to the sauna is a wonderful perk!

The very tiny cabin is a place for relaxation.



Relax and spend some quality time with your significant other or the rest of your family in the cozy environment of the modest cabin, which is tucked away in the woods and offers complete seclusion.

This cottage is located amid jackpine flats just outside of Terrace, British Columbia; it is only a short distance from both the lake and the major business district of the town.

The cottage is my top pick for all of Airbnb’s rental properties to stay in. I appreciated everything about it, but especially how tidy it was, how beautifully it was done, how tranquil it was, and how neatly everything was organised.

Your stay has been the subject of a great deal of careful consideration, and we have done all in our power to make it as comfortable as it possibly can be.

We couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful or modern place to stay during our vacation; not only is it stunning, but it’s also spanking new.

Erin was really easy to communicate with, and she went out of her way to ensure that we did not want for anything and that we were always comfortable.

The home was very magnificent, and it exuded a sense of modernity across its entirety. The backyard was really breathtaking and exuded an air of peacefulness all throughout.

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