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Brilliant EARTHSHIP Home Makes Off-Grid Life Look Easy

In the episode well we see a Brilliant EARTHSHIP Home that Makes Off-Grid Life Look Easy Located in Canada.

This house is really well built for couples to come up there and just busy lives get out if come back to nature, walk outside take a breath look at the stars to recharge Everything here is pretty much and you can see the actual wood here this is shiplap, they had a buck of this material and they said to take it so we did so that’s what the outside of the house looks like the same with metal-free constructions sites, the glass dimensions are 10 feet high and about five foot.

This is a black double diamond bar and you can see the black double diamonds in the ski sign is the most extreme area so sit because this is where the cocktails are served we decided to put this bar in because it serves a couple of purposes You can relax out in the area. You can talk to people, cook and have some cocktails.

The kitchen is fully stocked you have everything full-size refrigerator, freezer range tons of storage has everything you need.

The kitchen and living space are connected in one large room and tons of places to sit and relax you get yourself in a couple of chairs we do have a television on the wall we hope you enjoy the movie with your family or your friend.

In the bathroom, it’s one bath you also have recycled glass aggregate countertops we also have the same with the shower phasing and all these steps. All the stills in the house are the same bathroom is very spacious it has a two-head shower system and a beautiful shower area.


In this bedroom, we have beautiful furniture. Instead of having another piece of movable furniture, we built this, Armar in, you’ll see just a lot of barn wood accent. You can see it here. Quite frankly, it looks pretty cool. And it’s upcycled materials. So all, you’ll see a lot of barns, wood accents, really fun in the house. We also have a bench in here. So we have a side table that we built in and a comfortable bench to sit on and relax and read a book or whatever you want to do.


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