Black Fork Log Cabin Is The Perfect 1 Bedroom Cabin Getaway

Welcome to the contemporary log cabin is incomparable to the log cabins constructed in the past. There is no comparison between the two.


On the other hand, some residences are at the other end of the spectrum, such as the Black Fork log mansion, which constitutes an outstanding masterpiece.

Right from the moment you set foot on that porch, you are greeted with a rustic log cabin style enhanced with modern features, transforming it into the house of your dreams.

The Inside

You will discover that you are utterly fascinated with this build after you have felt the “Hochstetler Difference” in it.


This constructor makes every effort to provide you with the very finest of the very best throughout the whole procedure, beginning with the very first step and going all the way through to the very final step.

When it comes to acquiring their cabins, the following is a list of the traits that are highlighted on their website as being important to take into consideration. Below is a list that you may look at.

The Living Area of the Log Cabin

It has the impression of a traditional log cabin due to the exposed wood and timber throughout the house; however, you do not need to be concerned about this being the case since the property is exceptional and was constructed with careful attention to detail.

It is quite probable that the staining, which is done in colors that complement one another, will leave you feeling fairly “wowed” by its gorgeous look. The staining includes hues that complement one another.

log cabin

When you enter the primary portion of the house, you will find a dining room on the right side of the room a living area with couches, and a fireplace on the left side of the room. Both of these accommodations are located in the same room.

There is a proximity between the entryway and both of these rooms. The kitchen, the mud room, and the laundry room are all located behind the dining area.

You can discover all of these rooms by looking beyond the dining area. There is a bedroom that is situated on the main level, and it can be found on the left side of the room, behind the living space and the stairs that go up to the loft.

log cabin

This stone fireplace, which was created according to the requirements provided by the buyer, is more than simply a magnificent addition to the interior. As a result of its remarkable performance, the house is heated to a level that is suitable even when the temperature is lower.

As a result of the abundance of glass windows and doors that are located at the front of the log cabin, you will never be in a position where you do not have access to natural light, regardless of where you are in the house.

Even though there is only one private bedroom in the design, the intention was to create an atmosphere that would be comfortable for your family to stay in.

log cabin

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