BIG CAVE HOUSE With Beautiful Interior

In the episode, we will see BIG CAVE HOUSE With Beautiful Interior located in the United States.

This Cave house we started blasting in 95 blasted a little tunnel here first from the first blast was committed, you know, and then it was like eight winters probably of blasting. Do you know? So I was out in the wilderness, spring and fall and half of the summer and then winter and we’d be here and it’d be like, I finally get to be home probably 2003 or so. I was done blasting.

And then it sat a long time, you know, trying to come up with the money and decide what to do. I didn’t know what I wanted. You know, how I wanted to finish it. I was going to weld steel together and buy glass pieces to put in it, a builder friend of mine.  

We want it to be a cave with no blocking it. We designed it from there. There’s steel in two of the openings with the rest of them all just pure glass. Just cut a slot, and slid the glass in. Anasazis left here in 1250. And I would say if they had dynamite, they’d still be here. I planted the orchard right away.

And we had a water wheel, a big 22-foot-in diameter water wheel that ran the pump Put in about 6,500 feet of pipeline from the pond that ran the water wheel because I always knew. If we could afford to do it, we’d have gravity flow. Cause we’re a mile below the pond. So we have gravity flow water.

Cave house

The house is too big for just me. I meet great people. People think that it’s only scenic in the national parks. So they come here because it’s a stepping stone between Bryce and Capitol reef. If they have their eyes open, they realize that this is all the same country in between.

Cave house

And it’s all just as beautiful and incredible. If you just stay one night here, you miss all that. People get inspired by it. I didn’t expect that so much. And it really is the case. People really feel a lot of inspiration here from all different angles positive living in a negative space.  

Cave house

We have to have a cow that’s milking because the pigs eat the milk. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. You know, it costs so much to feed them. So we’d feed them milk. You know, you have to get the milk cow bread and then you have to milk it. And then you have to have a way to feed the milk cows. And so that’s what all these fields are for feeding the animals, the horses and the cows, All the food we raise here, tastes incredible. The beef, the pork, Turkey, all the sauces. We make tons of salsa, pickled peppers and frozen roasted corn.  

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