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BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design

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In the episode, we will see BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design located United States.

the exterior of the tiny house

This is beautiful 30 foot long tiny house on wheels it has a layout that we absolutely love a spacious cozy living room it’ got a fully equipped kitchen a big bright bathroom and two size loft one with a ladder and one with a staircase so we going to show you around and give you a full Tiny house.

the living room

The Tiny house living room have a nice sectional here that look really cozy and it seat a lot of people and another great thing is that it actually pulls out and be come bed so you can actually sleep six people in this tiny house if you include the two lofts and this sofa bed another thing that great about the living room, and you can find a little bit of wall space for a house is heated with these little electric wall.

the kitchen of this tiny house

This is a galley style kitchen and it has everything you would need in the kitchen on one side there’s a four-burner unique propane stove and oven and then there’s counter space on both sides which is nice for food preparation the other side there’s an apartment size fridge a large sink there’s also a microwave and even though there’s no overhead storage in the kitchen there is still quite bit of storage in the kitchen.

Tiny house

the loft

This is the main loft so there’s a bed here they’ve got three windows which is nice you could get cross ventilation lots of light if you want it and then they also have some blinds for privacy that you can pull down and reading light on the both sides so one person can be reading and the other person can turn their off and then over here there’s a bit of space for some storage and then each loft has little fan.

Tiny house

the bathroom

This is a big bright bathroom so it’s got a sliding barn door for privacy and a latch so that you can keep it open or close right here is a space that was designed so that you could put a washer/dryer combo underneath if you want and then there’s some countertop and you having a flush toilet and small sink and vanity it all glassed in like a great bathroom feel so much bigger.

Tiny house

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