BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE W/ Main Floor Bedroom & Modern Design

In the episode, we will see a BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE with Main Floor Bedroom & Modern Design located in Harmony Resorts South Algonquin.

In this video, we’re touring a stunning 34’ long tiny house that has a two-tone exterior, a sloped butterfly roof, and a smart interior design where everything necessary is on the main floor. It’s only 8.5’ wide but with wrap-around windows and high ceilings, not to mention a main-floor bedroom and lots of subtle storage, the house feels incredibly functional and spacious inside.

The Living room

In the living room space, there is a futon so it folds down for extra space for an extra adult or two extra kids and on the left hand, you can see a hole if you want to have a little TV or a computer or whatever you want to set up here.

Tiny house

And around you can see a sliding door and a large window, so all the windows in here can make you really feel like you are immersed in nature, and you really feel like the outside becomes an extension of the inside just feels super wide and super spacious and so much.

The Kitchen of the house

In the dining area, you can see extra storage in the cupboards and the shelves under here we have two stools here and the counter actually flips right up here and you can see that and then you can see a nice L shape is actually tongue and groove pine and it’s white-washed to dark wood and the white really stands out it was really aesthetically pleasing we have tons of storage space from cupboards down here.

The Bathroom of the house

In the bathroom, you have extra storage space above the sink and have extra storage space above the sink and underneath is the combo washer and dryer so you can do all your laundry right here here we have a composting toilet which is made by separate and then behind the door here we have the shower which is a full-size shower really big space here it’s not like your typical RV small shower no compromises are made on the sized.

Tiny house

The Bedroom of the house

In this room, you have a queen size bed here so it’s a good size and there’s still space that you can walk around the side of the bed and then you can see a store your clothes there’s hangers and shelves in there and then you could also store extra clothing underneath the bed as well there’s lots of space there and there are two big windows for light as well as they both open for nice.

Tiny house

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