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In the episode well we see Mom + 2 Daughters Share a TINY HOUSE for 4 Years & Love It! Located in Idaho.

the exterior

This Tiny House is an eight by 20 trailer for the two girls and for the last four years it’s worked really enjoy it we went with a metal roof because in snowy Idaho you want to go with practically. the snow just slides right off when it warms up during the day and it works great when the snow falls down on the ground it creates a little bit of insulation for the house and outside of the house we have a fireplace we can enjoy sitting around with friend and family and enjoy the outdoors in the beautiful area.

This is our living room, dining room, and eating area. Um, we’ve got this table here. It actually folds up. And this is where we do the art homeschool, where we do our meals together as a family. And when we want to do yoga, meditation, whatnot, and we want a little bit more room. It just folds up nicely against the wall. So it gives us a little extra space under here we’ve got the couch that doubles as my closet. So when I put this up, I’ve got all my clothes kind of organized in there.  

The loft This is my little Oasis here. And I think each of our spaces says something about us. I like it. Nice and simple. I’ve got just a nice little white comforter here. Some plants. It’s a nice place to come and rest and read. Right? That’s really nice to have the dormers right here. I chose the dormers of this tiny house layout, which wasn’t part of the house plan. Initially had it put in so that I could have a little extra space up here, had space, and also open up the window to the beautiful forest outside in the water.  

We got a lot of beds in here. It’s really comfortable. It’s kind of like a tree house up here, and in this room, we also have a beautiful window and we usually look at the moon it’s kind of like a relaxing space.

Tiny house

the kitchen of the Tiny House

In the kitchen we have a beautiful sink it makes everything so much easier it makes cleanup a lot easier when doing the dishes here and we have a large window that looks out towards the mountains it’s very therapeutic, it’s like my own little nook where we can sit and kind of meditate and think listen to music and has such beautiful scenery. 

Tiny house

the bathroom of this Tiny House

This is your bathroom so you have a  toilet from Sweden and I highly recommend it it’s a little pricey but it’s definitely worth it we had a hot water heater installed in the tiny house and we don’t have to go to the bathhouse or the swimming pool to take a shower anymore.

Tiny house
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