BEAUTIFUL Tiny House Woman Living in a Cozy

In the episode, we will see BIG Beautiful TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design located United States.

the exterior

This Tiny house designed the kiva tiny house has to be 22 feet long eight and a half feet wide and 15 feet tall which is taller than most tiny houses it an open-concept living space a clever hideaway ladder a covered deck and beautiful wood work from top to bottom and pretty much.

The kitchen of the tiny house

And you can see a window soup and then coming into the kitchen got a two burner propane gas cooktop and then the hot water system is hooked up so we’ve got hot water system is hooked up and then you have a sink on the other side is mostly storage and the toaster oven which we do a lot of our cooking in is down here and then everything else is pretty much storage for food and then dishware the water that comes into this kitchen.

Tiny house

the bathroom of the tiny house

The bathroom area and storage and then the closet area pretty much all of the clothes I can fit back here with the linens up to the bag and then the hot water on demand system is behind this wood here so the shower system the base is made from a horse trough and I got this from a farm store for a hundred dollars or so and that was it’s a way for me also have able to have like little bats just sat cross-legged and then I can have a bath so that was my solution to how to have a bathtub in the house.

Tiny house

the bedroom

There’s a queen-size bed up there with lots of headroom to sit up in bed and the skylights can prop open so it’s a really easy way to get the skylights open and there is some additional storage underneath the bed as well so I’m 5 foot 11 so I wanted to make sure there’s enough Headroom in the lower area underneath the loft as well as enough Headroom in the the bed when you’re sitting up so this design on the trailer.

Tiny house

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