BEAUTIFUL Tiny House With Space Saving Design

In the episode, we will see a BEAUTIFUL Tiny House With Space Saving Design located in of New York.

The six tiny houses are located at the tiny digs hotel. All of them are 16 feet long and they all have different roof shapes. They’re available for nightly rentals. The starting price is $145 a night and it goes up on weekends and during peak season. I’ve been staying in the barn-style tiny house for the last two nights. It’s one of the only two tiny houses here that’s dog friendly.

There is a nice-looking couch here with storage underneath and to the other side, there’s a comfy sofa chair with a cow theme that goes with the theme of the barn-style tiny house. One of my favourite things about this tiny house in particular is that it has a hidden table that folds down.  

The kitchenettes here at the tiny digs hotel have different amenities and the foreign-style tiny house actually has a toaster oven, little coffee maker and electric tea kettle and a French press. It is also a refrigerator freezer just actually bigger than my refrigerator freezer. One of the best amenities is this huge farm-style sink.  

The bathroom

In the bathroom we have a sliding barn door which is pretty cool looking, so into the bathroom the first room the first thing you see is the awesome sink it’s made out of an old win barrel and the top is a hammered copper sink they’re connected to water power and sewer here because they are in the city limits and they to pill permitting for all of those things so it’s really easy to accommodate item that is found in regular house such a flush toilet, not an RV flush toilet a real porcelain throne flush toilet.

Tiny house


Tiny house

The bedroom of this tiny house

There is your bedroom, so this is the headroom that you actually get and when you’re up in the loft we have a full foot of height above my head and it’s about five foot four, so somebody who’s six there, six four easily able to sit up in bed here that accommodates most people cool.

Tiny house

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