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BEAUTIFUL Tiny House With Mural

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In the episode, we will see a BEAUTIFUL Tiny House with Mural located in Georgia, United States.

IMG 5072

This tiny house is 29 feet long and eight feet wide it’s has weighed about 11 000 pounds there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, and it really important to have a lot of windows letting in natural light into the tiny house so we cut in six windows that were initially in it we have insulating blinds as well so that it also helps to regulate the temperature inside the house this is mural so we artist and was important we have spray paint and this mural is this old man in the mountain with this waterfall beard.

In the house we have two chairs to get up here this is just a really cozy space it’s the warmest space in the house and will go great in the winter time we love vintage things and we do have vinyl here we also have a really cool drum there in the corner for entertaining the company, and you can see while cabinet here is full of art supplies and the red brick to quiet down that big bright red color.

IMG 5073

There’s the couch is also actually your bed it’s on wheels and it slides all the way out into the kitchen so it’s in couch mode right, so this is bed mode it’s a full-size mattress or so the reason we didn’t pick a queen was that we didn’t want a little bit of travel space around the mattress in case.

IMG 5074

In the kitchen, you have a microwave here and an oven here we have an apartment-size fridge only thing we don’t have is a dishwasher but hey these come in handy the counter space is kind of hard when you’re trying to meal prep so we did install, the sink we did buy brand new this backsplash in that same brick that is up in the loft.

IMG 5075

This is your bathroom the space in the toilet is the most expensive part of this entire trailer one thing that a really like about it is it’s tankless so we don’t have to think when we got to drain the black of the toilet.

IMG 5076

And then you also have a beautiful sink in here we built shelving in the bottom and then just put a curtain over it to kind of hide that stuff so it has a good amount of storage.

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