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BEAUTIFUL TINY HOUSE w/ Reclaimed Wood & Copper Roof

In the episode, we will His Craftsman TINY HOUSE w/ Reclaimed Wood & Copper Roof located in Simi Valley, California

This tiny house we’re built by three years ago now and have been living here in Oregon for the last two and a half years. I heard about the tiny house movement from friends who are just into alternative building styles and this tiny house it’s just used for storage, but there’s a bad platform across the top and then storage below. I went from being on the move with not that many material possessions to living in this 145-square-foot house. That feels pretty big sometimes.  

These two round windows were kind of thrown into the design sort of the last minute. Wasn’t sure what my parking situation was going to be. At the time and I wanted to bring in a lot of light on both sides of the house. Decided to put two large Brown windows in here. Also, keep the design pretty symmetrical.  

This stove is made by a company called shipmate and it is designed for sailboats and small spaces. It’s cast iron and it has this cooktop surface here, so heats up the space well, it’s great in the wintertime.  

They were able to laser cut out holes for my two-burner cooktop and my sink. This section here is a drop-in butcher block countertop zone. This was all scrap material from the woodshop these lights are led. Puck lights.  

This is the bathroom. This is a nature’s head composting toilet.  

This is the shower bathtub based in Fort Worth as a livestock watering tank.

This is a double-size bed. I wanted to keep some space on the side to be able to navigate in and out of here and not have the entire loft be taken up by the bed.  

This loft, we have a little shelf above the door. It is just storage for camping gear, extra skateboards, and some shoes.  

This is a table that I made with a friend of mine it’s made out of recycled skateboards and it folds down against the wall and out of the way to create a little more room.  

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