BEAUTIFUL Tiny House w/ Interior

In the episode, we will see a Space Saving 280sqft Tiny House Interior // Wolf Den Cabin located in Barneveld New York.

This tiny house is only 280 square feet there on the island of Vashon in Washington state when you arrive on the property you have a part of your car beginning and then you have about a 300-foot pathway there’s a beautiful nature right here with your cabin right there at the end they also provide a wagon right here for your stone your luggage as well is amazing, the beauty here is unmatched and it’s really cool it is very pretty cool the exterior is the black cedar and the deck that they built on to it there are lots of access points around here dining spot right here at only 280s square feet of living space there’s not a lot of room in here.

The living room for only 280 square feet of living space uh this is really wide and tall it feels a lot more spacious in here which is nice take my shoes off this front part right here is actually tiled normally you have a welcome mat or something they have it tiled right here which is pretty cool living room space really large and comfortable couch I mean it’s pretty deep and it looks like it might be able to convert into another bed option if needed but the beautiful couch.

the kitchen of this tiny house

The kitchen space is pretty small kitchen but this is a small footprint back here is uh everything you need though I love the wood countertop here the sink on the left with some drawers on the bottom a mini fridge on the right side as well and the floating shelves above you got all of your plates I mean these plates and cups look uh locally made as well with coffee supplies and even a microwave toaster you got all that stuff here perfect.

the bathroom

The bathroom space and in here they did not crunch any of the square footage or anything that kept us really spacious right here in the middle is your vanity tiled walk-in shower and they have all of this spaced out and then the toilet right here in front of me very comfortable the tile on the bottom floor right here.

Tiny house


Tiny house

The loft of the tiny house

The Loft and you have a full bed up here and it is impressively spacious up here I’m able to stand right here in the middle against this railing and Overlook the living room there’s just a lot of room up here normally loft beds are just slid on the floor with no bed frame uh this one’s big enough to have the bed up on a bed frame and there are nightstands on each side there are two windows up here as well and they can both open I really like the Skylight you get good views of the night sky whenever you’re sleeping here and one cool thing.

Tiny house

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