Beautiful Tiny House Next to the Waterfall!!!!

In this episode, we’re going to show you a beautiful and peaceful Creekside Tiny House next to the waterfall.

We continued to discover for you. Our Tiny House on today’s tour is from Cherry Log, Georgia, United States.

A Tiny House is a small house that is usually less than 400 square feet. The tiny house movement is a social movement that encourages people to downsize their homes and live a more simple life. There are many benefits to living in a tiny house, including saving money, being more environmentally friendly, and having less stuff to take care of.

Welcome to the retreat at fall branch falls this place is incredible. One of the most peaceful cabins I’ve ever seen! Surrounded by nature and a national forest.

This is a renovated tiny house. This tiny house is 440 square feet of living space.

It’s beautiful I just love the black exterior with the wood accents and the wooden front door and just where this tiny house is plopped and located it is gorgeous on the exterior.

There are a couple of walking paths on this property as well, you can walk down to the creek and enjoy that literally on the other side of the creek is a national forest.

Inside this Tiny House

Let’s check out what’s all in there, it’s all been renovated and up to date so it’s really nice in here. This cabin is the definition of cozy.

The first section is the kitchen and living room space this left side is the kitchen and it is very large you got the beautiful green cabinets, gold accents the white countertop.

The Living Room of the Tiny House

The other side is the living room space you just got some seating options with a fireplace in the middle which makes it really cozy it’s a bookcase and off of this is a door that leads out into a patio space you can come out here and sit you are literally right on top of the creek from out here and you got unobstructed views of the towering trees and the greenery.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This bedroom is very moody it’s a dark green color all around matches the mood of the land and my favorite part is having the windows open because the creek is right under you and it is the perfect sound to listen to while you’re sleeping just listen.

The Bathroom

This is a full bathroom you got your vanity, toilet with a huge tiled shower up against this wall beautiful white tiling huge glass window and this is just a really modern and clean bathroom which is nice to have in the middle of nature, so all 440 square feet is right here really tall ceilings I love this white ship laps and the hardwood floors and even the wooden door it’s all really gorgeous and the details are nice in here.

IMG 5205

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