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BEAUTIFUL Tiny HOUSE made w/ Earth, Sand & Straw

In the episode well we see Family’s Magical COB HOUSE made w/ Earth, Sand & Straw  Located in Idaho falls.

This tiny house we were living in our first house was definitely a practice we found a small piece of property that my parent lent us. and so we build a small 350 square foot con house on their property just as an experiment and to stop having to pay rent it was during that process that we realized that all we want to do was a natural, and this house was quite the undertaking it took a little bit longer to build and it’s much bigger it cost us between 15 and 20,000$ build this house which is somewhere between 700 and 800 square feet.

The square kitchen counters onto a curved wall it’s not easy so just had to do a few weird little angles with this butcher block to get few weird weird little angles with this butcher block to get it to line up right another thing that’s key for designing when you go to design a house is if you know where you want to put cupboards if you’re building a straw bale or cob house you want wood that you can bury and stabilize in the wall and we were able to build a pretty good amount of storage of our kitchen.

We are in the living room or living space. And most of our furniture in this house is built out of cheaper co-bots and looks cool. Cob’s a nice couch-building material because if you have a curved wall as we did right here, you don’t have to try to fit modern, you know, flat back couches into a space.  

The bathroom we’d go check that out. It’s a very small space, but we figured why waste valuable space on it. We did sort of a waterproof plaster here on the shower it’s called Tad clack, Composting toilet. It’s a very simple, basic design. It’s a sawdust toilet.

The bedroom, which is the bedroom. I’d like to mention that some people might tell you when you’re going to build a house out of cob, And if you just had like a window or a door or something that you knew later, you’d knock out and have a second or third room that might be the better route to take.

The loft and this space we built to be either a future bedroom or a guest bedroom or a playroom. I would say living in a cob house has simplified our lives even more than what we were before. For one, just not having the mortgage gives us a lot more financial simplicity, and aspects of this house forces you to just kind of take a step back and not be in such a hurry. Living a simple lifestyle is definitely worth it’s not something that you can understand until you actually experience it. Once fell in love with nature.


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