BEAUTIFUL Tiny House Living in a Renovated Camper

In the episode, we will see a Woman’s Low Cost of Living in a Renovated Camper Tiny house located in the United States.

the exterior

This is a beautiful house space that lives in and does not have a lot of people and you have the freedom to stay and you have enough things for storage in this house when you walk in there’s a really nice open it very nice and beautiful.

the living area

There’s a really nice open seating area we have a bench in this space when you get home and then an electric radiator heater to maintain the temperature while when you sleeping for safety and I think that I can go pretty far into the winter if we have another mild house it or stay with a friend or just a rent a room somewhere it’s pretty open.

the kitchen of the tiny house

This is my favorite space is the kitchen and my dining table you can cook it’s mostly when you spent your time doing in here so to have this open space for your entertaining kind of kitchen area is super important in the kitchen, you have a gas stove and the sink a large fridge and in here there’s have a lot of countertops this place is very nice.

Tiny house

the bedroom of this tiny house

There’s a narrow space this is your bedroom is also a really big space in here so the two priorities are really lovely because all you do is sleep and eat and it’s perfect the window in your bed is one of your favorite things because you can see the moon and the star and the sun in the morning.

Tiny house

the bathroom

There’s your really nice bathroom it is super small but it’s just a bit enough for me to stand in and you do have a shower but without raining water, you not using it right now and this room is very nice it smells good and you can enjoy your shower in here.

Tiny house

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