Beautiful Tiny House It’s Cozy Vardo Wagon

In the episode, we will see a Beautiful Tiny House It’s Cozy Vardo Wagon located in the Colorado, United States.

the exterior

The Tiny House we have a gypsy wagon lavinia which is the smallest we really wanted to build an experience it wasn’t just a place for someone to come and lay their head after a long day of travel that experience had to start from the moment you came and what is the first thing you saw, of course, the door so it meant so much a beautiful door from the moment you arrive you feel like you’re entering an experience.

The inside actually feels so expansive here that’s because of the slanted walls and this beautiful curved roof with the wonderful exposed wood one of my absolute favorite details here is this lovely damask wallpaper you grew up in the soviet union in Russia, and in the kitchen got our refrigerator we’ve got our microwave again we were trying to go for vintage.

Tiny house

the bathroom of the Tiny House

Inside the bathroom in here so it is a wet bath you’ve got a full residential toilet here you got a shower here and this beautiful vintage-looking tile and along the whole length of the bathroom we got the ledge so you can sit on it if you showering and it’s a great place toiletry making this tiny little bathroom that much more functional.

Tiny house

the bedroom of the Tiny House

The bedroom and as you can see the beautiful curves of the house where we got the beautiful curved roof and we got shelving built into that so everywhere you look at this lovely wood and these so lovely lines out of the whole gyps wagon this place make the happiest it just feels so wonderful begin here it’s so cozy it’s beautiful but because we got a window on both sides large window and this beautiful curved roof it still feels really airy we just want it to lie down and lounge here read to watch a movie relax just really get away from it all.

Tiny house

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