In the episode. well we see BEAUTIFUL TINY HOUSE In California Located in San Diego, California.

We this Tiny house we built on a 20-foot trailer a used trailer that we modified by wedding a new frame has the trailer has double axles and can support roughly eleven thousand five hundred weight capacity and we actually clad it with a traditional Japanese bumping the wood we make it naturally bug fire and water resistant so it’s a really awesome technique for cladding that kind of nature has the resilience to it and so we really was curious and we wanted to try that technique on this house.

Inside the tiny house as you can see we kept with the minimalist clean in house we want to make sure that even though it’s a small space it felt as large as possible and we really didn’t do a ton of built-ins we really just tried to keep things as modular and we realized this really allows a small space to feel bigger so even with curtains closed we get this filtered light and we also get the sunset coming.

the bedroom

We have the Desk in the tiny house we made this using just birch ply and some hinges that fold flat flush with the wheel well it actually opens up the space for just different options so this is a multifunctional desk and kitchen table so we use this for working on a computer having dinner and things like that and this table also folds flush over the wheel wall.

Tiny house

the kitchen

This is your kitchen and this space has just a single propane burner got the sink to go with my utensils we want to make this kitchen shelving as modular as possible we used actually this retail grid well and we made these custom birch shelves as well and we keep dishes and pots and everything up here and then for my backsplash we carried the sugibon element inside as well and added that in a small space every square inch matter.

Tiny house

the bathroom of this Tiny house

This is your shower so let’s take a look I really wanted my shower to feel modern and clean so I’ve got the skylight above which allows for natural light I’ve got these niches that we actually just built within the frame and then I’ve got this nice beautiful modern shower head the roof of my shower is actually a custom skylight that we made using the polycarbonate the great thing about this skylight is that allows for this awesome natural light in my shower and we can open it up for ventilation in terms of my toilet.

Tiny house

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