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Beautiful Tiny House with Lakeside Views

The Tiny Home movement is on the rise and there’s no stopping it! Tiny homes are mini-homes that are typically under 500 square feet. They’re becoming more and more popular as they’re seen as a more affordable and sustainable way to live. There are many benefits to living in a tiny home. They’re affordable, you can customize them to your needs, can be moved easily, and are eco-friendly because they use less energy and resources than a traditional home. This tiny home is very private and peaceful it is surrounded by the lakefront water, it’s three acres to explore and to roam around and we’re on a rounded section so we are surrounded by water on three separate sides, it’s very beautiful this is a pristine place to come escape to you’ll walk up on your property, there’s plenty of things to do on the outside.

On the deck of the Tiny Home

This is a renovated fishing cabin and it’s a tiny home. There is one bedroom but it can sleep, multiple guests. It’s a really fun spot for a small family. The exterior is a beautiful blackboard and battens with the hand railing the decking. I love what they did on the decking and how they added multiple different colors of wood and textures. It is awesome that this decking on the outside space is rather large. This first section has your outdoor dining area you can overlook the lake right in front of you totally private and peaceful.

The decking on the outside space. There are string lights all up above this as well. Tiny Home
The decking on the outside space. There are string lights all up above this as well.

Walking down to your lower section which has a bench seating fire and even a really nice comfortable outdoor couch to enjoy the view and the sound of nature and just have a great time out here. You can continue walking down just walk straight to the waterfront, water has all the lily pads everywhere and has these flowers coming out. There is even a dock on the left side where you can walk out here you can even fish if you want. You can use the kayak and drag it out to the water and paddled around and had a really good time doing that got the kayak out into the water and this is really nice it’s calm, and it is peaceful. 

The best part is they leave a paddle boat for you or two kayaks hung up on the shed of the Tiny home
The best part is they leave a paddle boat for you or two kayaks hung up on the shed.

Inside this Tiny Home

There are two front sliding doors for the best views and you can walk inside to check out this tiny home is absolutely stunning and one of the most beautiful tiny homes, especially with the layout and everything is 100% renovated.

The Main Area of the Tiny Home

The main area on the left side of the living space, on the right side, is the kitchen and there’s even a loft above the kitchen on this left that has a wood-burning fireplace which is really nice in the winter months.

The Living Room

The living space with a couple of seating options, a couch against the wall but this also converts into a bed if needed a really cool couch set up but the main part of this is the huge window that spins across the entire wall and you get great views of the nature, the water all around you unobstructed. There’s literally nothing here except nature so this is a great view for a window, especially for the size of it, the wall is the accent wall and it continues up through the ceiling and it’s beautiful I love the wood look including the floor the wood flooring is really nice as well.

The Kitchen Space of the Tiny House

This kitchen is pretty large for a tiny house this side has four bar stool seating options and a huge waterfall countertop and this spans across the entire kitchen and on the other side, you have a little cubby of the kitchen space with all of your cabinets. I love the green cabinets it even has a dishwasher, a stove, and a generous size refrigerator. On the wall are a couple of floating shelves with some coffee supplies they provide everything you need including creamer and sugar.

The ceiling is the exposed wood beam look of it and they even hid the lights up inside of here and it looks really good on the countertop. You’ll find a huge box labeled locals-only if you open it up you have a variety of things to try out which is incredible. you got moon pies you got coffee, hot sauce honey, peanuts, and chocolate-covered pretzels if you want to try out some local stuff this is here for you continuing along to add more space for this tiny house they added a loft this ladder which is right next to your refrigerator goes right up in here and there are two small beds up here that can be folded out for the kids and this is a fun spot for them. There are cubbies on this left side this definitely blends in well with this living space.

The Hallway

In the hallway, there is a door if you open it up you have a washer-dryer unit combo in here and just some extra storage for your stuff, and next to that is the bathroom space. It is gorgeous black tiled flooring that goes up through the shower and on the wall of the shower space is this beautiful hexagon tile as well so this whole bathroom is tiled which is nice I love that you got your toilet over here on the left and the other side you have the small vanity in this cubby with some shelving on the right so you have everything you need at the bathroom and it looks beautiful.

The Hallway
The Hallway

The Bedroom

The last door in here is your bedroom. It has a pretty simple layout. You have the bed in the center and there’s even a closet on this side which is ideal to have. The best thing is the sliding entryways here and this allows you to leave to your other porch space. This hot tub is huge and it’s really easy to lift the lid off. You sit out here and enjoy your evenings and once you’re done hop right back in and go to bed. It’s that easy, so that is everything you get on the inside. Isn’t it just so beautiful?

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