Beautiful Tiny A-Frame Cabin in the Forest!

A-frame cabin is a very simple and efficient way of building a house. It is an architectural style that uses triangular frames that are connected at the corners. This style is perfect for people who want to build a house that is easy to maintain. This off-grid cabin was self-built by a family in Ontario, Canada to be a cozy fairy tale getaway in the woods. This cabin/tiny House was finished in 2021 and it cost approx. CAD 20k to build. A bit more than half of that was the cost of the materials. The family built most of it themselves which helped reduce the cost but they also hired professional help for some of the tasks. The cabin measures approx. 16′ x 12′ on the main floor and it sits on a poured concrete pier foundation.

Front of the cabin
Front of the cabin

When you first get here, it’s hard to believe that there will be enough room inside because it looks so small from the outside, but it has a pretty comfortable setup with the exposed beams and rafters and those showcase the A-frame the shape of the cabin on one side of the door there’s a big wood stove and an elevated rack to store some firewood this is also the main source of heat for the whole space.

The log cabin interior design

The living room

The living room of this cabin has a nice cozy play to sit around the fire there’s a nice big three-seater sofa that also converts into a bed and, there’s also a comfy lounging chair next to the wood stove.

The Kitchenette

Along the back wall is the kitchenette there’s some space to prepare food there’s also a sink and a simple foot pump to bring in water and, a small butane cooktop above the counter is also a small shelf to store some cups, glasses cutlery, and other kitchen items the counter there’s an electric mini fridge and some room for storage. The back door leads to the propane-heated outdoor shower it’s surrounded by wood slat walls to give a bit of privacy and it’s nice that it’s attached to the cabin. It also leads to the outhouse a little further behind the cabin.

The loft area

The ladder that leads up to the loft has a design that follows the angle of the A-frame and slides along a modified garage door track it’s a comfortable angle without having to lift and move it around, you just use the handle to slide it back and forth when you need it.
The loft in this cabin is minimalism designed with such a steep roof you would imagine aloft to feel quite tight the bed is very large you can walk all around the queen-size bed it also feels bright and spacious with the two large windows and the circular window at the foot of the bed.

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