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BEAUTIFUL PINK Tiny House Build by Young Women

In the episode, we will see BEAUTIFUL PINK Tiny House Build by Young Women in Ferndale Washington.

This Tiny House is everything inside of it is a work of art and this tiny house is so beautiful inside, we built it as a public art project with over 50 volunteers but then the goal was that every single thing inside the house would either be hand-made or hand altered by somebody so I estimate that there a least a hundred pieces of art in 160 square feet and that the front door the ceramic dishes, Even I Finally found A handmade toilet paper holder.

That’s the loft of space actually to fill up so my solution was I reached out to my friend and then when you need to go upstairs we can just pull out the pin and the stairs come down it’s a pretty solid you have to watch your head depending on how tall you are.

This can extend. So the drawers come out underneath and these wooden boxes were made by a local woodworker named Alex. So each box comes out and then the tops come out. So they’re actually two separate pieces and then you have to line them up and you can just leave it like this. So sometimes I’ll sit here and I’ll put dinner or put my feet up so I have a little bit of extra room. Um, but I also can pull out this other one and make an extra guest bed.  


There’s a kitchen there is no space for you to be mindful less so you have to be mindful of everything. and thankfully there’s less to be mindful of so it doesn’t take up as much time.

So we have pretty much all of the space that I need. I use nature’s head composting toilet, it actually works really well  So I have really excited to use nature’s composting toilet and to be forced to reckon with my own waste streams and use streams cause that’s something I really didn’t think about before I moved into my tiny house.  


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