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Beautiful Moonshine Digs A-Frame Cabin

Moonshine Digs A-frame cabin is located in such a beautiful area with private lake access and a gated community and beautiful scenery all around it is a remodeled 1960s A-frame. It is truly a gem located in Washington state the pacific northwest. This beautiful moonshine digs A-frame cabin place is very quiet and peaceful it’s so relaxing and this A-frame cabin has surrounded by trees.

The Living Room of the Beautiful Moonshine Digs A-Frame Cabin

The interior design is very good it has a little bit of a retro vibe and looks beautiful. If you walk through the front door first thing you’ll see is a living room space which is laid out pretty neat and on the right side is a tv with two swivel chairs it’s comfortable and enjoys the tv. In the middle of the living room has a yellow couch with the coffee table right in front of it this is comfortable and then across from that is a wood fireplace you can put the logs in here in the winter it feels cozy up in this space which is so cool and it looks great.

The Kitchen of the Beautiful Moonshine Digs A-Frame Cabin

The dining space is in the back corner of the dining table with four chairs and, has a record player, long this wall also leading into the bathroom is very beautiful wallpaper that fits in with the rest of this home and the aesthetic of all this which seems to be yellow and then the last thing on this main level is the kitchen space this is a unique layout for an A-frame, the middle of the kitchen has a huge table and marble countertop and bar seating on one side and then on the other side has two mini-fridges, on the back wall of the kitchen space is the rest of it with the sink and, the windows, a microwave, and, there’s also a small stove.

The Kitchen - Dining table with four seating options - Beautiful Moonshine Digs A-Frame Cabin
The Kitchen – Dining table with four seating options

The Bathroom

The bathroom of this cabin looks cool and elegant with the wallpaper, Inside this bathroom is huge with a yellow hexagon tiling design everywhere on the right side is a glass shower with all the tiling and the black accents, on the left side, is a toilet right up against the slanted wall.

The Second Floor

The upper level has 2 bedrooms, on the right side has a master bedroom the bed in the middle of this loft area which is awesome to have got nice stands on each side and just the black mixed with the wood and the ceiling and everything look very good in here. and on the left side has a sliding barn door that leads into the next bedroom space that has two beds so that can sleep two people per bed in here, four people and then two people to the master that’s six people this is also a great spot for kids you can throw them here and they could all have a really fun time in here the different thing about this bedroom is there is a dresser and tv.

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

The outdoor of this house also has a hot tub with string lights all around it. It’s pretty private with the fence. This is a brand new hot tub. The front of this cabin is so beautiful with black and yellow accents. The huge deck in front of the seating. At night, it looks so cool with all the lights showing through the windows, and even looking out on the front porch has a beautiful view of the property and the paths that are on this property.

The Fire Pit Area

The fire pit area has six seating options, this area is only 35 feet from the cabin, with a giant rock fire pit in the middle, and a hammock. The fire plate that you can lay out and enjoy with it. This is just a beautiful area all around. Walking down the road for probably about 30 seconds walking and you’ll reach the huge private lake, the mountains in the background the sun sets here as well the water is clear, the rock everywhere and the trees, it’s so beautiful.

View from hammock & fire pit.
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