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Beautiful Modern Tiny House

In the episode, we will see a Beautiful Modern tiny house located in Canada.

We decided to live in a tiny home because we were looking at traditional-style homes as well as renting and tiny living made the most sense for us. We wanted less stuff in our lives and we were kind of making that path or groove in our life to achieve those goals the tiny home comes from the Tiffany light fixtures in our home. This is a beautiful touch that our builder put in. So we’re honouring that with the name. I feel like we had to learn a lot about each other in ourselves. Those are things that have to be a consideration when you live in a small space. 

This is the kitchen. This is my favourite part of our home. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I cook a lot. So we have the big farm sink, which was a must for me. I like a sink space, but obviously, we trade off that by not having a lot of counter space. For me, that’s not a big deal. And then we have a couple of pantries up here. We use every square inch as you can see. So we have like our, storage containers up there on the window sill. 

This TV kinda sorta.  We actually prefer to watch TV up in the loft, but if we’re down here,  we’ll have this on maybe playing music in the background.  The AC that we use is an LG mini-split,  so it does both our heating and our cooling. It works really, really well.  And because our house is so well insulated.

This is our bathroom. So we have a corner vanity sink, which is really handy.  Be able to save space, our showers are nice and big.  So we’re using tumbled marble just like our backsplash in our kitchen.  And then we do have a wooden tub made out of an old telephone pole so it’s cut into blocks glued and then polyurethane.  It is removable so if we choose to we could take it out and it fits right over our toilet. We have a full flush toilet as since we are hooked up like an RV.


In the bedroom and it hangs from these little hooks. So it’s just a screen with a white side. It does pretty well so this is the outside of our home.  We do use scissor jacks in order to keep our house level in It house is pretty important to make sure everything functions properly.  Backside at Tiffany we have our breaker box,  the other side of our mini split as well as two propane tanks that cover our hot.

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