Beautiful Modern House in Tennessee!

In the episode well we see a Beautiful Modern House Tennessee Located in Decherd, Tennessee, United States.

This house is so beautiful on the mountain view as well as a gaming garage.

The Living room

This room has a cozy comfy couch as well as a chair and we are sitting right across from the entertainment center so you can watch movies and have fun, and you can see a slab of wood then you have a little chair it is very clean.

And then the right of the living room is the washer and dryer so you can wash your clothes.

The Bathroom

This is your bathroom in which you have a full bath, a shower, and plenty of soaps and towels for you, so this place is stocked with amenities.

The Kitchen in the house

In this kitchen, you can see a cute little stove oven combo refrigerator microwave huge sink and these cabinets are unique because there’s a drawer.

The Bedroom in the house

These two twin beds in here as well as a storage space for your clothes and you can see the gorgeous views out from these two windows it is so cute.

The Upstairs of the house

This is your second bedroom, it has a lot to offer so over here you’ve got a super comfortable queen bed and they’ve loaded you up with towels chocolates a sweet note from the host fresh flowers.


The Gaming Garage

This place is sweet so you got a foosball table air hockey and then in both these back corners vintage arcade games pac-man and Galaga and then you got a massive couch and a large connect 4 game.


The Fire pit

This is your beautiful fire pit area step up to it it’s an encased metal fire pit chairs around it and a perfect grill space out here to eat and have fun.


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