Beautiful miniature homes are built on tiny floating islands

Beautiful miniature homes are built on tiny floating islands

tiny floating islands The amazing micro worlds that Dutch artist Rosa de Jong creates give the impression that they are floating in the air, even though they are only a fraction of a millimeter in size.

Micro Matter is part of the floating collection called Micro Matter. The presence of moss and trees that have grown up around a tangle of buildings that are tragically positioned on steep slopes is one of them.

the unique characteristics of this environment. Another distinguishing feature of this environment is the floating presence of buildings that are perilously positioned on steep slopes.

One of the factors that sets it unique from other surroundings is the floating presence of this feature. In addition to these distinguishing features, there is also a complex network of structures in the area.

These residences are quite easy to spot due to the dangerous position that they hold within the floating terrain of their surroundings. As a result, they attract a lot of attention.

Even though de Jong’s sculptures give the floating impression of having been transported to this world from another, there is a significant connection between the world in which they were produced and the one in which we live.

Even though the floating sculptures give the sense of having been brought to this planet from another, the reality is that the situation is exactly the reverse of what is being suggested.

Her organic resources are scattered around the floating world, and they may be obtained from a wide variety of areas all over the planet.

These resources can be utilized to create a vast range of products. In one of his sculptures, De Jong incorporates pieces of wood that he collected from the Hoh Rainforest.

which is situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. In one of his other pieces of sculpture, he uses centuries-old tree bark that he harvested from a tree in the state of Florida and combines it into the floating artwork.

The tree was located in the state of Florida. The floating United States of America is home to a rich variety of each of these types of different materials.

The phrase “home to examples of both” is an accurate portrayal of the floating situation because the United States of America is home to examples of both of these types of materials.

Both of these resources can be traced back to their beginnings in the United States of America, all the floating way to their forefathers, to learn more about their histories.

After that, she assembles some of her own paper and cardboard creations, which she refers to as “green stuff,” along with the floating miniature landscape that she has made by employing the materials.

She calls the floating miniature landscape that she has constructed “green stuff.” Following the completion of the prior stage, she moves on to the next phase.

She advances to this subsequent stage once she has finished the one before it and achieved the desired results.

The very last thing that she does, which is also one of the things that is by no means the least significant that she does, is that she puts in some fake plants that create the sense that they are a part of the natural environment.

The next phase in the process involves De Jong painstakingly attaching each component to a wooden frame that was crafted by her father.

The completion of the process in its entirety will be signified by this point. She will achieve this goal by utilizing a large number of threads during the process.


When the previous procedure in the process has been completed successfully, the one that comes next in the sequence will be this one.

After the procedure that came before it in the process has been completed, the procedure that comes next in the sequence will be the one that is carried out.

It is likely that after watching the Micro Matter collection by De Jong, you will discover that it prompts you to reflect on it.


the people who live in such minuscule conditions and what it is like for them to live there as a result of having to live in such a little space.

This is because the collection makes you think about what it is like for them to have to live in such a restricted area.

The viewer is left thinking about the people who live there and what their lives are like as a consequence of living there as a result of the collection.


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