BEAUTIFUL Magical Forest YURT On An Family Farm

In the episode, we will see a BEAUTIFUL Magical Forest YURT on an Family Farm located New York.

This is a 24-foot yurt and we think that yurt comes out to around 400 square feet. We’re so used to 90-degree angles in our living spaces that having circles changes how you feel in a room and I think that’s one aspect of the yurt that really appeals. We went through a process of deciding what was most important and what do we want to include together. That really organically culminated into a space that we felt was soft and inspired by the shape itself. When we moved here and started Sweetwater farm, it helped a lot to have other families and folks that have been here a lot longer guide us and take us into the community.

The kitchen of the forest yurt

In the kitchen we have a very functional kitchen here there’s a double stove top burner we also have a small conventional toaster oven we’ve had guests day up to a week and they can cook themselves basically anything wants and we also have water in a full-size fridge while they’re here since creativity and inspiration was such a driving force in why we built this space and we want to make sure we included lots for people to play with and express that creativity and inspiration, there is not any WIFI there are no screens in here, so you really are kind of forced to unplug without a TV and the internet to be scrolling.

The bedroom of this forest yurt

This is your bedroom so Over here is our King size bed. The most frequent feedback we get about the yurt is actually about this bed and how comfortable it is and I would agree. We thought about people just resting so easily in the woods while you’re lying in the bed. You really can look up, and see clouds, the sky and all the big dug fir and hemlock trees that are kind of guarding you. It almost feels like a big hug. Everything really led us to believe that the bed had to be just so big and comfortable to take all of that in and really relax.  

Over here we have a dining area. This was actually the very first piece of furniture we bought. The idea of a square table really felt like it was taking away from the softness of this space.  

We’ve included a wood stove here. Our first and foremost method of heating the year. It really is the wood stove. This winter, our favourite thing to do was to walk through the woods to the yurt in the snow. We cooked some tea on top of the fire and it was pretty much as cosy as you can get.  


The living area of the forest yurt

This couch was a gift to us from some friends who no longer needed it. It’s a sofa bed so you can fit two more people. The coffee table was made by someone on the Island in this living area. My absolute favourite piece is this footrest, this footrest was another thrift store find it is solid and it is cushy. When someone comes and stays here, I think they can feel the authenticity and they can feel just the solidness of these pieces that you don’t find at Ikea. Something that was important to us was natural light. So in addition to adding more windows.


Outdoor we have a shower it 400 square feet of digging and trenching for the waterline for a shower all of the structural stuff is felled trees and branches and then these were just salvage Cedar when we say it salvage extra stuff on the farmstead man is it nice to have a steaming hot shower and then look up and is it to just have steaming hot shower and then look up and just be under.


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