Beautiful Log Home In Ideally Secluded Location

This wonderful log home is situated on three acres of land that are covered in trees on all sides, and its layout makes the most of the space that is available to it to reach the greatest possible level of excellence in the results that can be achieved.

It has a total of 2,056 square feet of living area, which makes it a house that is remarkable in terms of the amount of space that it provides, and it is currently available for purchase.

All of the facilities that are available for usage are found on the primary floor of the main level of the vast property. There are a total of one and one-half bathrooms available. The two bedrooms that can be found on this floor on the same level as these amenities can be found on the same floor as these toilets and sinks.

These conveniences can also be found on this floor. The main bedroom is situated on the second floor, and in addition to having a balcony, it is equipped with a private bathroom that can be entered directly from the room thanks to its convenient location next to the room.

The restroom in issue is conveniently located just next to the room in question. You will find that the bedroom has a door that allows you direct access to the balcony, and you are free to use this door at any time. The balcony is located just outside the bedroom.

This residence features hickory construction for the cabinetry as well as the flooring throughout the entirety of the house, in addition to the huge selection of other amazing amenities that are offered. In addition to that, hickory is utilized everywhere.

wonderful log home

One of these conveniences is a cozy fireplace, while another one features a cast-iron Lopi burner in addition to a variety of other features. In addition, numerous different pieces of hickory are used in the creation of the cabinets at different stages of the process.

wonderful log home

In addition to its use in each of these applications, hickory is also utilized to create the cabinets and the flooring. Both of these applications make use of hickory. Each of these distinct applications calls for the utilization of hickory.

wonderful log home

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