Beautiful Log Cabin With Exquisite Antiques And Enchanting

The culmination of a lifelong dream is the experience that many individuals have when they move into a log cabin that was built just for them, and the Barker Wildcat Lodge has the “wow” factor in spades.


This log cabin has three levels, including a walk-out basement, a second floor with a balcony, and the main floor, all of which have been designed to make family life as comfortable as is humanly possible. Because of this, the log cabin is an excellent choice for families.

The Exterior

The living space in this model is 4,700 square feet, and it also has more than 2,000 square feet of covered decks and patio space, giving it an outstanding total amount of room.

The location plays a part, but the log cabin itself will be a warm and welcoming sanctuary no matter where in the globe it is constructed.


Just take a look at the decks, porches, and covered places that are available on the weekends for picnics and family barbecues. There are plenty of options to choose from.

The Inside

The log wood is not limited to the exterior of the log cabin but can be found throughout the interior as well.

You will notice as soon as you step through the front entry that the entire interior of this log cabin has been created to mimic the interior of a crudely hewn log cabin. This can be seen throughout the log cabin from the moment you enter the front door.


You will find excellent wood in a variety of stains that coordinate beautifully with one another throughout the entirety of the building, from the stairs that lead to the basement and the second level up to the walls themselves.

The door that leads to the main floor of the log cabin enters directly into an open area that contains a living room, a dining room, and a modest bathroom that is tucked away just inside the entrance to the house.


The stairs can either take you to the upper floor with the bedrooms or to the walkout basement family area on the lower level. Both of these areas are located on the lower level.

The Living Room

This home has a welcoming open living space that is cozy and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for entertaining guests and other visitors.

The ideal location for winding down at the end of a long day as well as getting together with friends and family to celebrate the forthcoming holiday season.


They planned this area to feature cathedral ceilings, picture windows that lead out to the balcony, and an amazing fireplace in the middle of the room.

We are delighted with the creative way that they have used to divide the space into several discrete regions that are situated relatively close to one another yet have managed to maintain their identities.


This has left us with a lot of room for improvement. During the weekly tradition of family movie night, you and your loved ones can bond over a shared experience of viewing movies together on this sectional sofa, which is positioned near the wall-mounted television.

A second cluster of plush sofas can be found adjacent, and the cozy fireplace to one side gives a warm and inviting room that is perfect for either talking with other people or unwinding with a good book in front of the fire in front of the fireplace. There is also a nice fireplace on one side of the room.


The Kitchen

On the same level as the primary living space and the master bedroom can be found both the kitchen and the dining room. It is much easier to have meetings and guests when the floor plan is open.


This is because everything is located in such proximity to one another. Take a look at that dining table—it has space for twelve people! What are we able to say?

In addition, a kitchen that is laid out in the shape of an L and has an abundance of storage log cabinetry is concealed behind the island which is made of wood and stone.


Even though it is not an excessively huge kitchen, it is sizable, and it comes completely equipped with everything you could desire to create warm and hearty meals for your loved ones.

The First Bedroom

There is a sizable master bedroom located on the ground floor of the home. This bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate a king-sized bed, a sofa, and other pieces of furniture.


The major sleeping quarters of the house are located within this room. In addition to that, every single room has a door that opens out onto the wraparound terrace that surrounds the entire property.

The First Bathroom

The bathrooms in this house each have their one-of-a-kind design, but despite their variations, they are all very big and provide a high level of comfort.


This home has a lot of unique features, including the bathrooms. In the first restroom that we check out, there is a long vanity with a single sink, and as we can see in the reflection, there is a simple shower cubicle.

Both of these features are visible in the mirror. Both of these amenities are located in the same location within the room.

The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

On the third floor, in addition to having bedrooms and another bathroom, there is a wonderful open area that may be utilized for relaxing. You can use this space in whatever you like.

log cabin


To get them out of the way, they can come here to play games, or they can even use it as a comfortable reading nook under the window. Either way, they are welcome. This area is well-lit and conducive to conversation.

The Second Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedroom is spacious enough to house a futon, a queen-sized bed, and several other pieces of furniture, such as a television that can be mounted on the wall or even placed within the closet.

log cabin


The youngsters, together with their grandparents, are going to have a wonderful time spending the weekend at the log cabin because it offers the ideal location.

The Second Bathroom

It is a wonderful addition for accommodating either children or guests, as this bathroom, which we believe to be on the second level,

log cabin


Has both a bathtub and a shower, and we believe that it is placed on the second level. The fact that it has both of these features indicates that it is a wonderful addition.

The Basement of the Log Cabin

One of the parts of the log cabin that we take the most pleasure in utilizing is the cellar or the basement. You will also discover a very spacious room in this section that is outfitted with sofas, a television, and a pool table.

log cabin


This room is located in the same location. More doors lead outside, where you are free to explore the grounds and take in the beauty of the home and the setting in which it is situated.

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