Beautiful Log Cabin With Charm Porch & Two Bedrooms

This Beautiful Log Cabin has two bedrooms and the Hitchin Post is equipped to provide lodging for a total of six guests at any given time. This capacity can be reached at any given moment.

Log Cabin

The First Bedroom

There is one bed in the principal bedroom of the cabin that is king-size, and it comes equipped with a television. In addition, there is a bathroom that is connected to the master bedroom, and this bathroom has a fireplace in addition to sliding doors that go out to the patio at the back of the house.

Log Cabin

The Second Bedroom

In addition to the two half beds, there is one bed that is the size of a queen in the guest room. In addition to that, it has a private bathroom, which is furnished with a fireplace, and it also has a sliding glass door that goes out onto the back porch of the home.

All of these features can be found in this room. One of the numerous cabins that can be found in the area known as The Cabins At Hartland Ranch is called the Hitchin Post cabin. This specific residence takes on the name of its eponymous benefactor.

Beautiful Log Cabin

Both the bedrooms and the living areas have gas fireplaces, and each fireplace has its thermostat that can be used to control the temperature of the flames produced by the fireplace. In addition to the primary gathering area, the ceiling of every one of the sleeping quarters is fitted with a fan.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Large kitchens are typically furnished with full-sized equipment such as dishwashers, in addition to a complete collection of cookware, which may include a range of pots, plates, glasses, and mugs, depending on the size of the kitchen.

Beautiful Log Cabin

In consideration of your ease and convenience, a traditional coffee maker has been left in the kitchen for you to use first thing in the morning. A separate laundry room with full-size washing machines and dryers has been provided for the guests’ use.

Beautiful Log Cabin

This room is located apart from the main building for their convenience. The big covered porches that come standard with each of the cottages can either look out into the front or the back of the property.

These porches are furnished with comfortable patio chairs and gas grills for outdoor cooking. The area that has been created is capable of providing safe storage for athletic equipment and items such as skis, snowboards, and other types of gear.

Beautiful Log Cabin

Cottages and Pagosa Springs are located around one mile apart from one another. The cabins include a connection to the internet, which visitors are free to use during their stay and for which there is no additional charge. If you visit us, we’ll take you on an excursion through the Rocky Mountains.

The Outdoor Space

On the other side of the slope at Pagosa Springs are five log cottages, each of which features an interior that has been artistically embellished. You may choose to spend your time savoring the breathtaking scenery of the mountains and taking in the clean, unpolluted air that these features provide.

Each genuine log cabin has a kitchen that is completely stocked with appliances, a washer, and dryer that are both full size, a stone fireplace with piled stones, wood and slate floors, and two sizable porches to relax on. In addition, there are one-of-a-kind pieces of rustic furniture that are crafted according to the customer’s specifications.

The residence contains a sufficient number of bedrooms for each guest to have direct access to the private bathroom that is associated with their room. This vacation home is ideal for entertaining large groups for activities such as family reunions, friend get-togethers, and even business retreats.

Beautiful Log Cabin

It has enough space for everyone to spread out and enjoy themselves. After a night of sitting around a fire pit on the property or after having supper together in the barn on the property that is located on the property, you may want to give your guests the option of retiring to a private cabin for the remainder of their stay.

You can do this either after they have spent the night relaxing around the fire pit or after they have spent the night eating in the barn. This holiday getaway among the pines is the perfect place from which to enjoy the diverse activities that the Rocky Mountains have to offer because of its prime setting.

A large number of people take advantage of the proximity to well-known activities and destinations, such as rafting, skiing, and hot springs, to get exercise and have fun. In addition to that, some of their favorite activities include going shopping, horseback riding, and off-roading in a vehicle with a four-wheel drive.

Angie and Ken Gayhart are the proprietors of the property, and guests who have stayed at The Cabins at Hartland Ranch in the past may remember them as the owners of the property. They were engaged as laborers at Hartland Ranch for ten years, during which time they constructed and managed the cabins at that location.

About The Log cabin

They were present there at that period. They bought the company in the latter part of 2016, and they are dedicated to carrying on the tradition in their family of giving amazing service to clients and making remarkable experiences available to those customers.

This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation within their family. Reading the reviews that were most recently published will allow you to formulate your judgment about the product. The Bowden Family, whose origins may be traced back to San Marcos in the state of Texas in the United States of America,

Since the beginning of this decade, Pagosa Springs has served as our principal place of residence, and we have no current intentions to change that. Before that time, we had spent the previous thirty years bringing our now-adult children on vacations all around the state of Colorado and the rest of the United States.

It would be an honor and a privilege for us to be of assistance to you in the process of forming lovely recollections like those that we have cherished for a good number of years at this point.

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