Beautiful Log Cabin This Amish Built is a Lakeside Retreat

The Amish are widely recognized as some of the most competent builders in the world, particularly in the field of log cabin construction.

You not only obtain craftsmanship of a high quality, but you also frequently find that the costs are fair.


This mansion is the epitome of both elegance and outstanding craftsmanship, and it is a superb example of both. We are certain that you will fall in love with this lakeside villa as soon as you set foot there because it is such a great vacation.

The Exterior

This home enjoys a hilltop location with a view of a lake in the immediate area. The proximity of log cabins to waterways is one factor that contributes to the rugged aspect of these homes.


If you go with this particular build, you will end up with a three-story log cabin that has a garage attached to it that can accommodate two cars. Even though we do not have a lot of information about the interior,

We can tell that if the exterior is any indication, it will undoubtedly be a home that is appealing to look at. This is something I can say even though I do not have a lot of information about the interior.


Not only does this home have three levels, but it also has a sizable walkway and a private dock that is situated on the water.

Even though it is not a beach, this place seems to be an ideal spot for fishing, and there is even the possibility that it may be utilized for swimming. When viewed from this vantage point,

It is also easy to note that the back of the log cabin is lined with a variety of porches, some of which are open while others are covered.


Some of the porches are covered while others do not have any roofs over them. These are excellent options for food to provide for visitors at a party.

The Front Porch of the Log Cabin

Because of the stunning natural scenery that surrounds this home, the grounds could almost be considered an extension of the structure itself.

In addition to a walkout basement that has decks situated above it and a bespoke route that can be followed down to the water’s edge,

The log cabin has a foundation that is made up of rocks, and the rocks make up the foundation of the log cabin itself. The mansion is perched on top of a hill at its location.


This beautiful custom-built path takes advantage of the topography that was already there, wooden steps, and a combination of logs and ropes to create a lovely railing that is both robust and aesthetically charming at the same time.

The one-of-a-kind masonry facade that graces the lower floor of the log house was designed with the natural landscape around it serving as the source of inspiration.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the lower level, this provides an additional layer of insulation for the area.


On the main level of this log cabin, quite close to where the garage is located, is where you will find the entryway to the log cabin.

The loft area of the house has been renovated into a stunning great room, and it can be found on the level above the garage.

The view from the windows in this room is of the nearby lake. The lower level may be used as a storage area,

That it will be a basement, or that it will be used as a living space or guest room that is completely independent from the rest of the log cabin. There is a chance of every one of these outcomes.

log cabin


The Living Area

You can expect to come across the standard open floor design that is customary with log cabins of this kind as you make your way through the Kodiak.

This is something that you can look forward to as you make your way through the ship. It is reasonable to anticipate that this will be the case.

log cabin


The expansive living area in the log cabin boasts several one-of-a-kind elements, including a traditional glass wall that opens up to the terrace.

Because of the size and configuration of this region of the room, you won’t have any trouble arranging a few seats, tables, and even a storage log cabin in this part of the room next to the fireplace.

The Master Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, because this master bedroom is so lovely and spacious, there is plenty of room for a chair by the window or even a second bed,

log cabin


In case you have young children that you want to be close to at all times. This is ideal for families with young children who want to maintain a consistent level of proximity with their parents.

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