Beautiful Log Cabin The Garfield Will With Wood

The Garfield is an authentic beautiful log cabin that has all of the amenities that one might need, such as a front porch that is spacious enough to accommodate a porch swing and a garage that is attached to the rear of the property.

The Garfield Inn may be found smack dab in the middle of the Garfield National Forest.


This piece of the log cabin property is very magnificent, and it would make for an ideal basis upon which to build the picture-perfect home for your family that you have always pictured.

About the Log Cabin

A sizable covered porch that runs the length of the whole front of the house and wraps around to the rear of the property

Additionally, there is a breezeway that connects the next garage to the main house on the property, as well as a mudroom.

The opulent master bedroom is located on the main level of the property, and it has a beautiful walk-in shower as well as individual vanities for each of the people living in the house.

Cathedral ceilings can be seen in the main room of the house, which is in stark contrast to the open floor plan that can be found throughout the rest of the house.


A fireplace made of stone with a bespoke design is installed flush against the wall in the living room.

Finished basement with a second full bathroom and a versatile gym room that can also be utilized as a gaming room or a den.

Also included in the finished basement is a bar area. At this stage, just one-half of the basement has been finished.

A beautiful custom kitchen that not only has beautiful cabinets but also an island that incorporates a dining table that is conveniently positioned next to the kitchen itself.


The Inside

The log cabin primary living room of the house has a lovely open floor plan, which can be found throughout the rest of the house.

This charming room has a sitting area, a fireplace, exposed beams, and log walls, all of which provide a bit of the outdoorsy, rustic feel.

The kitchen and the dining room may both be accessed from this portion of the house, while the master bedroom is located at the rear of the property.

A great open floor plan can be seen throughout the remainder of the property, including the principal living area of the house, which has a fireplace.


This lovely room has a log cabin sitting area, a fireplace, exposed beams, and log walls; together, these elements provide a sense of the great outdoors and log cabin a rustic atmosphere.

Even though the log cabin master bedroom is situated more toward the back of the property, this part of the home is the entry point to both the kitchen and the dining room.

The kitchen may be entered from any of these two other rooms because of its convenient location.


The Kitchen Room

Behind the couch is where you will find the entrance to the kitchen, which is part of the living area. The dining table is located to the right of the kitchen, while the island can be found to the left of the kitchen.

the log cabin the kitchen is not very lavish, but it is light and airy, and it has gorgeous wooden cabinets that were crafted according to the specifications provided by the customer.

A stunning house that is perfect for a family to call home and comes complete with a kitchen that is not only equipped to prepare meals for the people who live in the home but also for any guests who may be staying there.

Beautiful Log Cabin


The refrigerator is located in the center of the kitchen the log cabin. Open doors behind this area reveal the bedroom as well as the bathroom, and a wonderful set of log stairs go up to an open loft area that can function either as an extra sleeping space or as a great play area for children.

This area may also be used as a place for adults to work.

A large vanity with cupboards that are identical to those found in the kitchen can be found in the master bathroom, which is located on the main level. These cabinets are very much like the ones that can be seen in the log cabin the kitchen.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In addition log cabin to having ceiling fans, each of the bedrooms in this house also has ceiling beams that are exposed. The bedrooms in this house are just as appealing as the rest of the house.

 Because of these alterations, the audience will have a better degree of comfort, and the increased intimacy between the audience and the surroundings will contribute to a heightened feeling of connection between the two.

Depending on the log cabin viewpoint that one selects, the beauty of the house may be appreciated either from the inside of the structure or the outside grounds around it.

Beautiful Log Cabin


In addition the log cabin, the room is spacious enough to accommodate several different pieces of furniture, such as a dresser, a chest of drawers, or a bed of either queen or king size, depending on which of these several options would give you the most degree of comfort.

Even though you will have all you need, you won’t have to worry about feeling smothered or constrained in any way. This is because you won’t be lacking anything. Because of this, you won’t need to worry about whether or not you have all you need.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The log cabin fact that this bathroom is equipped with not one but two sinks, in addition to two separate medicine cabinets, makes it a wonderful choice for usage by either men or women.

The shower is without a doubt going to log cabin the portion of the experience that will be the most soothing for us, and as a direct result of this, it is the one that we are looking forward to the most.

Beautiful Log Cabin


 A pleasant region that was tiled by the requirements of the client, complete with a handrail and a storage cubby for shampoos and soaps that were included in the design log cabin.

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