Beautiful Log Home on the Shores of Cherokee Lake

This Beautiful log home located on Cherokee Lake in Bean Station, Tennessee. It has a fireplace and may be rented out for vacations.

Discover the various sections that make up the property. The holiday house offers free WiFi connectivity in every single room across the whole property.

All The Features of the Log Cabin

The rustic log cabin has a living room, one bedroom, one bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave oven and all the other contemporary comforts. Additionally, the cottage has a typical log exterior.

The façade of the cottage has a country feel to it as well. It is large enough to accommodate the sleeping needs of four different people. Towels and bed linens are provided for your use during your whole stay at the vacation rental, so you won’t have to worry about packing them.

 Beautiful log home

The log cabin is completely cut off from the rest of the world and has private access to the property. A vacation in the woods, preferably in a cozy log cabin, is the perfect way to get away from it all and refresh one’s batteries.

About The Property

While staying in a hotel room while on vacation may be convenient, you should be aware that it increases the likelihood that the room will be noisy and crowded for the course of your trip.

There is a strong probability that you and some of your other friends have discussed the possibility of taking a trip that is a bit less chaotic at some point in the past.

 Beautiful log home

Log cabin rentals offer an option to stay in a hotel that is characterized by a lower level of background noise. The great majority of log cabin rentals are situated in remote places, far from any main roads or highways, to provide visitors with the opportunity to unwind in an atmosphere of calm while they are away from the commotion of day-to-day life.

 Beautiful log home

This is done to guarantee that visitors have a positive experience during their stay at a log cabin. It is far simpler to get a good night’s sleep in a log cabin than it is in a hotel, which could keep you awake due to noise from the corridor or visitors in the room next door. Getting a good night’s sleep in a log cabin is much easier than getting a good night’s sleep in a hotel.

 Beautiful log home

It is possible to sleep in an atmosphere that is closer to nature when you stay in a log cabin as opposed to a hotel. Living in a log cabin amid the woods, which are surrounded by mountains, trees, and wildlife, is better than living in an area with parking lots and noisy neighbors since it eliminates the need to cope with these issues.

 Beautiful log home

Beautiful natural environment. At whatever time of the day or night, one cannot deny the breathtaking beauty of the environment that surrounds them. Log cabin rentals, in contrast to the overwhelming majority of hotels situated in metropolitan areas,

Provide guests with a spectacular view of the mountains that are located in the surrounding region, as well as the opportunity to gaze at the planets and stars that are visible in the night sky.

 Beautiful log home

In addition, visitors to log cabin rentals have the opportunity to cook their meals. Walking and hiking trails are interspersed throughout the landscape around the log cabin resort, making it a great place for anyone who enjoys being outside.



Log home

Other Things To Note

In addition to the provision of Space, Separation will be provided. Over the previous few years, hotels have been providing rooms that are progressively smaller on average. The average size of a room is 330 square feet; however, this number has been rapidly decreasing throughout recent history.

Maintenance will be less of a bother when rooms are on the more compact side, and the overall cost of building will be cheaper when rooms are on the more compact side. A guest may be required to pay a fee that is more expensive than the usual room cost to stay in a condominium, suite, or other type of premium hotel room.

Depending on the number of people at the party, the cost of the hotel room might quickly escalate to an unmanageable level. When compared to staying in a hotel, renting a log cabin provides not only greater room but also more privacy than would be available at a traditional accommodation.

Log cabin

You can get your hands on them for a price that won’t put a serious dent in your bank account, and they are available in such a wide variety of sizes and designs that they will make your head spin. The log cabins have a maximum occupancy of forty people and may be configured to be as little as a studio or as large as thirteen bedrooms.

The studio size is the smallest of the available options. There is a gradation of sizes, going from less significant to more significant. The hotel rooms are somewhat cramped, which means that there is very little space for guests to scatter their belongings or move around in the room.

Because of this, the hotel is not recommended for families. In comparison to the living space provided by other types of homes, log cabins often provide more space. If you are a traveler who sets a great value on the right to privacy that you have, there is a chance that the hotel room that you end up with may not live up to the standards that you have set for it.

Guests who are staying at a hotel have the opportunity to submit a request for a wake-up call and may make use of the help that is offered by a concierge while they are there. Guests also have the chance to make a reservation for room service while they are there.

Visitors have the option to escape away from the prying eyes of hotel staff who operate in the local region by renting a cabin. This hotel personnel is located in the immediate neighborhood.

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