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The Northern Exposed log cabin is the perfect home for the person who is looking for a rustic escape because it is an extremely magnificent log cabin that has great windows, log siding, and furnishings in addition to a wide-open deck that wraps around the property.

This makes the Northern Exposed log cabin the ideal house for the person who is looking for a rustic escape.


The Exterior

The log cabin is a beautiful space that is ideal for a family who wants to live in their home full-time, but the space is also perfect for a weekend vacation retreat. With stonework accents around the decks, and along the chimney, the home brings in a bit of extra style.

.The log cabin side of the house that leads into the entryway is one of our favorites since it is quite simple and has a little porch and an awning right next to the connected garage.

The back of the house is where the porches are located, which is not typical of most houses. Because we enjoy a little bit more privacy,


we prefer this location over the front porch. In addition, there is a stunning wall made of stone and wood that runs down the front of the house.

The side of the home that goes into the foyer is one of our favorites since it is pretty basic and has a tiny porch and an awning right next to the linked garage. Additionally, the side of the house that leads into the entryway connects to the living room.

Porches, a feature that is uncommon in most homes, are situated toward the rear of the structure in this particular example. This position beats out the front porch in my book since it provides a somewhat higher level of seclusion for us.


The log cabin In addition to that, the front of the home is adorned with a gorgeous wall that is composed of stone and wood and extends from the top to the bottom.

The Inside

The first things that catch your eye as you go into the primary living room are the cathedral ceilings and the beautiful woodwork. The wall of windows in this room lets in natural light, which shines over the couch and illuminates the stone fireplace that is positioned against the opposite wall.

You may get a great view of the loft that is located just over the main entrance to the house if you stand in this position.

This open area includes rooms on both sides, and there is a walkway that leads down to the ground level of the house from here.


There are other rooms on the main level located under the loft, as well as a charming foyer that has a beautiful spot that may be used for a storage cabinet. There are also stairs going up to the loft, which is handy yet does not detract from the open living space.

On the other side of that large open area, there is a teeny-tiny table with a few chairs scattered around it.

Although it is conceivable to utilize this as a dining nook, we believe that it would serve the family most effectively if it were used as a table for playing board games together.

And on the other side of the open porch that extends off the rear of the house is an open sunroom area that also contains a modest table for eating or relaxing, however, the actual primary dining table can be seen in the bottom right corner of the room.


We appreciate that this is connected to the house yet still has its own identity. In addition to this, there is access to the deck from both the left and right sides through doors.

It is wonderful for a little nook for breakfast, but it may also be the right position to lay out a buffet for a weekend barbeque when visitors will be moving in and out of the doors to the decks.

The log cabin Although it is good for a brunch nook, it can also be the perfect place to lay out a buffet.

The Livingroom

The living log cabin area and the kitchen are physically separated from one another, but the kitchen is close enough to the living area to give the impression that it is an extension of the living room.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Large cabinets in the kitchen that are finished in a mix of wood and black look excellent with the light worktops and the colorful tile that is located behind the stove. You will like this kitchen’s cabinets.


Take a peek inside this kitchen and notice the beautiful tilework that is used as the backsplash. In addition, a home cook’s dream come true is having a chef’s stove like that one, which has two ovens and six burners.

The abundance of available cabinet space is impossible to ignore. This includes the glass door that is located on some of the shelves.

The log cabin It’s a fun way to see what foods you have on hand, and it can also be a terrific way to show off your cookware and other kitchen accessories.

 log cabin


In addition, there is a separate bar right outside the kitchen, which comes equipped with wine refrigerators, open glass cabinets, and a specialized area for hanging wine glasses.

The log cabin From this vantage point, you get a view that extends back into the kitchen, along with the front of the room with the windows that go all the way along to the terrace. Additionally, the formal dining area is more apparent from this perspective.

The material of the Log Cabin

When you stand in the log cabin this particular nook of the kitchen, you get a clear view across the room to the stairway that leads to the second level. The open railing with the wrought iron spindles is one of our favorite features. It ties the house’s entire design aesthetic together well.

When you are up in the log cabin of the loft and gazing down into the great room, you can get a better sense of the overall size of the place. In addition to that, it reveals the exquisite woodwork that was done on those beams.

Exposed Log Cabin


The log cabin sometimes, a second, more private living area that can be accessible from the main level is tucked away in one of the corners of the loft. This room may also be accessed from the main floor.

These loft rails feature these wrought iron spindles, which can also be seen here and are a component of the loft rails that can be found here as well.

Exposed Log Cabin


The house as a whole has been designed to have an appearance that is simple and natural, which was accomplished through the application of a substantial amount of work.

The log cabin The loft’s spacious interior benefits from an abundance of natural light thanks in large part to the windowed wall that runs the length of one side of the expansive area.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms on the second story have more space since the ceilings are higher, and this particular bedroom has extra seating in the shape of a little bed that is tucked into the dormer window. The bedrooms on the second floor also have higher ceilings.

The bathrooms, of course, are equally lavish yet not overtly contemporary; they pay respect to the contemporary touches that you like while maintaining the understated elegance of the past.

Exposed Log Cabin


The beautiful laundry area that is a part of this room can also be located here, and it is there that you will find the utilitarian sink.

The log cabin utility sink that is located in the laundry area is, of course, in addition to the coat and boot storage that is located in the mudroom. Additionally, there is room for hanging things such as jackets and boots in this area.


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