Beautiful Log Cabin Is The Luxury Home Of Your Dreams

Welcome to the Leuthold log cabin that Stonemill Log and Timber Homes built is a superb example of how the well-known Prestwick model of log cabins that they make can be changed to match the needs of individual clients. These log cabins are constructed by Stonemill Log and Timber Homes.


This magnificent property that is located on the waterside has amazing log walls that are created on top of a stone foundation in addition to covered porches that are excellent for spending pleasant nights in all four seasons of the year.

The Front Porch

This gorgeous patio area, which comes complete with its very own private fireplace, is in point of fact one of the spots outside of this property in which we like spending the most time and is one of the reasons why we prefer to spend so much time here.

A significant portion of the space in the outdoor area is occupied by the double-sided fireplace. In contrast, the fireplace in the interior room is smaller and cozier, although it still utilizes the same chimney.


This affords you a breathtaking perspective of the region that is all around you while at the same time allowing you to have a great deal of space in which to walk around freely.

Having a fire in the backyard throughout the fall and winter months creates the ideal environment for family bonding activities such as cooking s’mores and drinking hot beverages together as a group.

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The Inside of the Log Cabin

The interior of the log cabin has a rustic aspect thanks to the chinking that has been done between the boards, but the equipment in the kitchen are contemporary and made of stainless steel, creating the ideal blend of the two different style periods.

Because this home has such a great open floor plan, the dining room and the kitchen are both ideally situated on the same level as the living room.

This makes for a lot more simple access between the three rooms. If you keep going beyond these rooms, you will find a bedroom and a bathroom on the main level. You may get to these by going through the next set of doors.

When seen from this vantage point, one is also able to view the stairs that go upward to the loft located at the opposite end of the room.

There should be a lot of open space in a log cabin, in addition to the private nooks and corners that are necessary for a home to have a good atmosphere.

The Living Room of the Log Cabin

The living area is spacious and inviting, with soft couches arranged in a ring around the fireplace at the room’s focal point, which is located in the middle of the space.

log cabin

In addition, there is a comfortable nook in one of the room’s corners that has a piano for those persons who would want to take a break from their typical routines.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

At first look, the kitchen can seem to have a limited amount of space; however, there is really more space available because to an outcropping that makes the kitchen appear to be much larger than it actually is.

One of the things that we like about this area is that it has a log cabinet that is hung over the island. This is one of the more unique features of this room. It is a beautiful addition, and it utilizes the space that is now available in a very effective and efficient manner.

log cabin

Although there is room on the island for at least two and perhaps even more barstools, the dining table that is to the right of the island is excellent for hosting big meetings of friends and family since it can seat up to eight people in the greatest comfort.

Despite the fact that there is space on the island for at least two and maybe even more barstools, the dining table is ideal for holding large gatherings. It is the perfect setting for taking one’s time and enjoying a leisurely breakfast!

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