Beautiful Log Cabin Is Filled With Natural Light

Are you looking for a lakeside vacation spot that provides a more log cabin secluded environment? This lakeside retreat highlights all of the aspects of a lakefront log cabin that we adore the most,


Including wonderful open areas and contemporary components throughout the entire property. Specifically, the lake is the focal point of the property.

The Exterior of the Log Cabin

In addition to the living quarters, the log cabin features open and covered porches on both the upper and lower floors, as well as a garage that is adjacent to the log cabin and offers enough for two autos in addition to storage space.


Even though it has less square footage compared to some other log cabins, this one has more than enough room for you and your family to live comfortably even though it is smaller.


The Living Area

This log cabin’s interior has a traditional open floor plan on the main level, which is located on the log cabin’s main level. You have a welcoming living room that offers a view of the lake,

Is furnished with a fireplace, and has a good number of seating options for you to choose from so that you may feel right in the log cabin.

Although this room is not as vast as some of the others, there is a significant increase in the number of seats that are available in the bar and kitchen area, and the cathedral ceilings give the impression that the room is much larger than it is.

Not only does the great room have a large number of windows that bring in natural light from the surroundings, but it also has direct access to the covered porch, which makes us happy.


Even though there is a roof over this porch, a considerable amount of natural light is nevertheless permitted to enter the building.

In addition to that, it has a view of the water, which, as a result of this home’s location being so close to the ocean, is the most important selling point of its location.


The Dining Table

Only a few steps separate you from the door that leads out onto the porch, and the dining table can be found just inside the door on the side of the room.

It can easily transformed into a place that is great for gaming or even a more formal eating area if that is what the occasion calls for.


Although it is ideal for a dinner with a laid-back atmosphere, it is also an excellent choice for a casual lunch. It features windows on the side that is to the left as well as the side that is to the right.

The kitchen of the Log Cabin

Even though it is physically isolated from the main space, the kitchen is still relatively easy to get to and has a very open layout. It is situated right behind the living room, and despite this fact, it has a very open feel to it.

How the tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and light wood log cabin work together to produce a unified appearance in this kitchen is something that I find to be quite attractive.

log cabin


You are also able to see the doorway that leads to the back of the log cabin, which provides access to more rooms, and possibly even the garage, which is situated off the back of the log cabin. Additionally, this is visible from the street in front of the log cabin.

The circular island in the center of the kitchen not only has space for a sink, but it also has enough room around it to accommodate a total of four bar stools.

It is a perfect workspace for cooking meals, but it can also easily be used as a breakfast nook for the family or as a location for youngsters to settle in to complete their homework on chaotic afternoons.

log cabin


Not only is it versatile, but it also makes an excellent workspace. Not only is it adaptable, but it also functions very well as a workspace, particularly when it comes to cooking.

The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

A more intimate loft landing space that includes its very own sofa and chairs, in addition to its very own bedroom and bathroom, may be found around the corner and further up.

log cabin


In addition, this loft features its very own front door. Even though it is not an unusually large room, it has a very cozy atmosphere and offers a certain degree of seclusion from the rest of the house.

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